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The One With The Forgotten Bruno

Back in 2008, I brought a gold metallic bear I nicknamed as Bruno. The idea, was to document it’s journey to take on one day at a time throughout 2008.

The project fizzled out after a mere two months or… I had the chance to revisit the blog again, and was roaring with the absurdity of some of the posts I did! Here are some highlights.

Whoa! Such expensive shoes, so easily get chaffed one. Tsk!

Killed by longggg conference call

Bruno is in a dark, gloomy place. Sigh…

Whoa! There is a new lappy at work!

Bruno is feeling all himbotic

For more on the (limited) adventure of Bruno, visit his site here:

The One With The Gay Couple

The One With The Gay Couple

Imagine you are a gay man.

Imagine you are sitting in a subway train. Right opposite you is this gay couple, who were totally comfortable with themselves and were obviously contented with each other.

Now, what do you do? Do you steal looks at them? Or look on openly, in admiration? Do you smile to yourself? Or would you do everything but to look at them?

The answer, I think, is what would you do if the couple you are looking at is of the male-female variety. The so-called “normal” couple.

Perhaps, if enough of us treat the so-call alternative elements of society as being the norm, then perhaps one day it will become the norm.

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The One With The Dinner To Remember

The One With The Dinner To Remember

Sashimi and sushi. Champagne. Green salad. Michael Buble playing in the background.

A perfect dinner. A perfect companion. A perfect night.

It was an occasion to remember.

The One With My Music On iTunes

The One With My Music On iTunes

I always thought that, when someone shows what they are listening to on their MSN status message, they are sharing with their friends their taste in music. I admire that… not that I would really be able to tell, music-wise, but their courage to share is admirable.

You see, I always hesitate to do the same. The songs on my iTunes are a perplexing mix of the new and the old, the fast and the slow… across all sorts of genre. Especially so if my iTunes is on a shuffle mode.

Don’t believe me? I turned on the shuffle mode, and these are the first five random songs played:
1) Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, from Evita (Madonna)
2) Because You Loved Me, from A Decade of Songs (Celine Dion)
3) The Steward of Gondor, from Lord of the Rings (Howard Shore)
4) Dance 17 – Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Dennis Lim)
5) L-O-V-E, from At The Movies (Nat King Cole)

Really, I don’t want people think of me as weird. So I rather keep my erratic taste in music to myself.

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The One With The Lonely Planet Guide

Lonely Planet - New York City

My mind is whirling.

Apart from the tentative plans (made by my mom, not me), to visit Atlantic City and Philadephia while I am in the States, I find it totally impossible to select the must-visits in new York during the few days I get to spend there. Reading the guide is no good… everything sounds good, and if I go to one (say, Central Park) for the day, I will probably miss another (say, the Statue of Liberty).

What am I going to do? Argh!

I know… this sounds like a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless!

The One With The Start Of The Week

The One With The Start Of The Week

Welcome to Monday, the start of yet another week.

I walked into the office today to be met by an overflowing inbox, a messy desk and unfinished to-do list. Sounds familiar, yes? Probably you would think I will be all gloomy. I wasn’t. I am not over-the-moon, of course (that particular emotion is for Fridays only), but I know what to do with them.

I spent the next two hours of my Monday organising my tasks, replying overdue emails and scheduling appointments on my calendar. I never schedule a meeting on a Monday morning, so that I can get everything sorted out for a smoother journey into the week ahead.

Of course, writing this blog post is kind of a detour from my routine. I timed myself, this only took 5 minutes.

How did you start your week?

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The One With Lady Gaga & Beyoncé

I am not one who always share MTV, much less one peppered with ads (no matter how subtle), but this one really takes the cake. Totally awesome. They OWN the screen. Totally.

Share the love, fanboys.

The One With The Ten Years Visa

Do you believe in dreams?

Ever since my mom moved to the States, and after watching endless reruns of FRIENDS, I had always wanted to go to the New York City. But the fear of the visa application process, of being rejected, of being blacklisted, had always put me off.

Until this year.

An opportunity came along at work to visit our US rep office, also located at the Big Apple. So I took a deep breath and plunge myself into the deep (but effective) bureaucracy of the United States General Consulate.

It wasn’t smooth flowing unlike the majority of people. After rounds of preparing the necessary documents for the application, I waited for some time at the embassy for the biometric printing and interview… only to be told that they needed more time to review my application. The yellow letter they gave me was ominous looking enough… it listed a multitude of (implied) reasons on why my visa might not be approved.

That, plus a warning that travel arrangement should not be confirmed at that time. By then it was too late; I had already bought my plane tickets.

So I prayed. And waited. For that faithful phone call. And that package delivery.

The whole process made me anxious beyond belief. So much so that I even dreamed of the entire process. In my dream, my visa was approved with a ten years validity. I awoke from that dream with sweat on my forehead and my heart racing.

Don’t be silly, I told myself. You will be lucky to be granted a visa for that ten-days visit, never mind a ten year period.

It came today. My passport. With the much-prized visa.

The One With The Ten Years Visa

Yes, you saw that right. It was a visa valid for the next ten years. For the next 120 months, I am free to go to the States anytime I want, be it for leisure or business.

I was elated beyond measure. New York City, my mom, my fantasy… here I come.

The One With The Things To Say During Sex

Are you the talkative type during, uh, intercourse? Or are you the type who feel the need to fill silence gaps with small talk during the more boring moment of sex? Presenting the incredible mind map of things to say when you ran out of inspiration (or when your blood is mostly flowing to somewhere else than your brain)

The One With The Things To Say During Sex

Click for larger image (you know you want to). Thanks to the ever resourceful @eisen.

The One With The Award In My Name

How in the world that I did not know about a film award given in my name?

The Golden Raspberry Awards, frequently called the Razzies, is an annual award ceremony held in Los Angeles to recognize the worst in film. I wouldn’t have come across this if not for the ever lovable Justin Jap. I was more interested in the hilarious acceptance speech made by Sandra Bullock as she accepted the Razzies for the “worst actress” in person before I realise, hey, they are giving me away.

And so, I was held in the hand of my favorite actress. The one in Miss Congeniality and The Proposal? Com’on, you couldn’t be more entertainment-idiot than me!

Now did someone say the Oscars are on? I am totally clueless.