The One With The Very Hectic Week

The One With The Very Hectic Week

This might sound obvious to you after reading the post title, but I am having a very hectic week.

With a mountain of looming deadlines threatening to engulf my whole being together with my fellow partners in crime, we fought fire after fire, built list after list, badgered people after people, all in the hope that the end result (a website which will see the world come Friday) will not be a disaster.

I was telling a friend on what a tough week it was, when all of a sudden an unfamiliar sensation engulfed my heart. What was that? I wondered. It felt like… like… pride.

Pride that all of us have come this far in this project. That we have mounted too many obstacles I care to count. That despite everything, we remain steadfast in our purpose and true to our heart.

Hold on, comrades, for the end is near. And I can see a creature of beauty created by us.

Be still, my heart.

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