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The One With The Police

My head buzzed with too much beer. It was only 9 p.m. at night and already I was hallucinating of a long hot shower and a comfy bed.

“Please, take me to Sheung Wan, Western Market,” I slurred to the cab driver.

I was at Jordan, which is at Kowloon side of Hong Kong. To get back to where I live, the cab would need to take the underwater tunnel.

The cab driver took a quick look at me on his rearview mirror, and after he was satisfied that I won’t puke in his cab anytime soon, he promptly turn on his meter a full five seconds before the damn cab started to move.

“Sheung Wan, ah? Difficult to get there. Got road block. Many police”

For a moment, my heart stopped beating. Police? What? Did my apartment catch fire?

Sense came knocking a few seconds too late for my liking, but they did eventually. I wouldn’t be so unlucky, would I?

“Ah, police…” I slurred. Fighting down a sudden nausea, I ventured, ” Why are there police?”

“Demonstration. Lots of people near the town hall”

And he was right. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that Central had suddenly become a car park for police vans. There were many of them lying around, with throngs of policemen swarming the place. They outnumbered the placard-carrying demonstrators 5-to-1, easily.

Maybe I was having double vision – I was literally seeing through a layer of beer – but some of them were even carrying rifles and stick. The police, I mean. You would think the Taliban were suspected to be in attendance, at the very least.

But I reached home in record time. My journey was smoother than usual, all things considered, except for that few extra seconds the cab driver and I gawked at the debacle.

Later that night I discovered the reason behind the protest.

I should really fix my TV at home and watch the news more often. One should at least be aware of the society he lives in, shouldn’t he?

Happy 2010

New Year Weekend in Taipei

Hey, did you miss me? I am alive and well. Been too occupied with life to update my blog. So much happened in December that I do not know where to start.

Here’s a shout out to you, my friend, to say Happy New Year, and may 2010 be a prosperous one for you. I will be right back after catching up with my work stuff.

P.S.: Oh, the photo above was taken when my friends and I wanted to act cute at Ximending in Taipei on 1st Jan 2010. Obviously, only one of us managed to achieve the feat.