The Ironic (Online) Encounter with Jason Hahn

"Asking for Trouble" by Jason Hahn

I was looking for a lunchtime read from my trove of books, and out of randomness I pulled out “Asking for Trouble”. Blame it on the cute illustration in pastel color on the cover. I am always a sucker for those.

So I was reading it over breakfast and, God, I was laughing away in the canteen. Jason really has a way with words. His description of his “moment” of meeting Saffy (which was the inspiration for this tweet) made me miss Singapore so much, it felt like a persistent toothache that won’t go away.

So I tried to find Mr. Hahn on Facebook to express my thanks… but to no avail. So I Google-d him, and see what I found! A blog by Jason Hahn!

And the latest posting is on… why he is not on Facebook. OMG, the irony. And that got me crackling too.

My lunch time is going to be very interesting from now on.

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