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It has been more than a month since I last read my Google Reader. That felt like an abandoned inbox with tonnes of unread emails.

The folder I opened first? Blog updates from my friends.

Suddenly I felt as if I am still part of their world. Emotions, experiences and hopes from wherever they are at overwhelmed me as I read through the feeds, one after another.

It dawned on me that at this time and age, Internet is the one way for me to stay connected with the people I know in life. Yeah, Facebook is the de facto platform, but blogging shows much more depth on how your friends are doing and feeling.

So if you have not been updating your blog, please do. For I miss you and I want to know how you are doing.

2 Thoughts on “Blogging Connection

  1. Yay, I see myself there! :) But 28 posts? Woah!

    Hope you’ve been well.

  2. @ Niki – Sorry la, I am really behind my blog reading. Will try to catch up… but you really quite the blogger!

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