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The Ugly Truth Beats The Shit Out Of Me

I almost believed him when he said all the relationship books are bullshit and should be burnt.

I almost believed him when he said all men think of are orifices and the next blow job.

I almost believed him when he said all women think of are men who scored the perfect resume.

So, why oh why, did the realistically-speaking him turned all textbook-like at the end of the movie? Of course I see that coming, but it made the most unrealistic ones of us to believe that fairy tales and lovey fantasies are stuff of reality.

I am confused. The ugly truth? Beats the shit out of me. Now I have to continue to believe in that, yes, someone out there, will love me the way I am, and not who I pretend to be.

The movie is absolutely wonderful for great laughs though. Highly recommended for dates on weekends.

The Ugly Truth

Pearls of Wisdom

Over the weekend, two different friends gave me some advice over what essentially is the same thing.

Friend #1 told me, in the nicest way possible, that if I am to remain a part of what I am a part of now, I need to work harder to “fit into the crowd”. Otherwise, I am only setting myself to disappointment and disillusionment.

Friend #2 told me that I have many great things going on in my life, but there is one thing that I am lacking in … and if I am able to change that about myself, life would be near perfect.

Two pieces of perfectly sound advice over the same thing. And yet… I hesitate. Not that I won’t do it – it is not a question of if but when – but I do ponder if I am merely succumbing myself to the rule of the norm?

I know I am no exception, of course.

On another note, I found this very old song by 阿牛… a truly meaningful song, one which still brought tears to my eyes whenever I listen to it.