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Hong Kong Funeral

I went to pay respect to the mother of a friend of mine just now, who has recently passed away. It was my first Chinese funeral in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Funeral

The solemn but loud occasion took place in a centralised funeral parlour located in Hong Hum. My friend’s was located at the third floor, sharing the facility with four other family. The highly efficient machine of Hong Kong commerce was humming along effortlessly.

What astonished me was how Hong Kong people transformed the ritual of a funeral into a spectacular art form on its own. Colourful paper offerings, loud clanging music, heart-stopping movement, and hypnotising chants filled the hour I spent gaping at it all.

But lest I got distracted by the unfamiliar bangs and noises. The pain of the family was real. Behind his stoic expression and watery smile, I sensed a deep well of sadness behind my friend’s eyes.

Stay strong, Vincent. My thoughts are with you.

(Photo Credit: filmmaker in Japan)