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Friends Who Play Together, Stick Together

Live Journal has been my second blogging platform (the first being the now-defunct Upsaid.com) since 2004. That’s five years ago. I remember how desperate I was for an LJ token (back then, it was by-invite only). So when the entire platform was opened to public, I signed up immediately.

Since then, I have toyed with many other blogging platforms, this being the latest one. But I kept on my LJ account. What really made me remain on LJ are the friends I made here. Over the years, I met up with many LJ-ers. Some of them remain friends, others fleeting acquaintances. Such is the fact of life.

Night Out with LJ-ers

Last Friday I was fortunate enough to spend time with some of the most important LJ-ers in my life. It was a dinner at a “Mongkok Char Chan Teng”. Perhaps a little ritual to get me acclimatised with HK culture? Hehe. After eating our hearts out, we went out for a night out clubbing.

Night Out with LJ-ers

Thanks to those who turned up that night! :)