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A Succession of Farewells

When I started to meet friends old and not-so-old for dinners, drinks and merriments, I vowed to document every single encounter.

My plan worked well for the first few, but after that, it went downhill. It amazes me how many friends I have made in my ten years living in Singapore. It is almost an impossible feat to blog about my daily meet-ups. Not that they are not important to me. They are. But I hope the following records will remind me of the good friendships I had with you guys.

Christine & I @ Junction 8

Everyone needs someone as their “career-buddy” – to share his or her aspirations in the paths they take in their jobs, to be encouraged when they take risks, to be reassured when the future seems uncertain. For me, I have Christine. Our paths crossed when we first joined a conference company, both as a producer albeit in different divisions. The many long hours spent together locked in a conference enduring the equally long orientation programme.

Like many of our other colleagues, we hit off right from the word go. As new producers, we both had a lot of difficulties to overcome as the unfamiliar was overwhelming. But unlike me, Christine had the sense to call off the whole ordeal before it consumes her whole being, unlike me. But we remained in touch over the years, witnessing each other’s exciting progress as we climbed up the career ladder.

And for all those moments of revelations and inspiration, thank you, my girl. Great Wall of China end of this year? :)

Dinner @ Annalakshmi

My years in NTU would have never been the same without my Malaysian friends. Yes, I know I seem to be a very localised “foreign talent” since majority of my friends here are Singaporeans, but it was this trio of lovely ladies which saw me through my academic hardship when I first stepped onto this island.

How could I forget the succession of early mornings when we “chopped” study benches and hogging from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., everyday? The endless supply of tutorial answers, past-years papers and lecture notes? The steady stream of sickening sweet coffee and packs of nasi lemak which contributed to my then-enormous waistline (hehe)?

The truth is, without you girls, I would never have achieved what I set out to do in NTU. For that, and for the steadfast friendship over the years beyond our graduation day, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And Louise, when you little baby come into world, please gives us all a BIG BIG SHOUT! :D

Farewell with Thet @ Brewerkz

In my course of achieving the nirvana heaven of being a true web geek, I have been blessed with the presence of many computer wizards and coding gods. Thet was one of the very first programmers I have hired in my career. He is from Myanmar, speaks in a weird accent and has an eccentric lifestyle.

But little did we know that, over countless cans of beer, endless nights of yakking and incessant strumming of his guitar, we bonded and became real friends?

Nowadays, I draw a line when it comes to fusing my work and personal lives, but I was glad I didn’t do that with Thet back then. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to experience the joy of his friendship. Yes, dude, I know we had our drama moments, but it was through such turbulence our friendship strengthens, no?

Now, let’s get Ryan’s and Jude’s collective asses for a proper farewell!


My brother, Jason, and I


My aunt, my cousin sister Angela and I


My cousins, Kin Loon and Pooi Ching, and I

Over the last weekend I also paid a visit back home to Ipoh for a reunion with my family. For those not in the know, my family members are truly globalised… and with my imminent departure, it will be even more so. But a visit is a must, for my family does not see me often enough, seeing that I return only once a year despite being only seven hours away by coach.

When there is an entire sea separating us, it will be even tougher for me to return. So I did, for one short weekend.

We did what we also do whenever I return – family dinner, shopping, eating out, lazing around. This time round I also paid respect to my late great grandmother and grandfather. Despite having passed on for more than ten years now, memories of them linger on strongly in my mind, and I wiped away tears as I prayed for their blessings in front of their marble altars for my new life.

Farewell with Min @ Miss Clarity Cafe

And how could I not meeting up with the ever lovely Min? Despite the fact she was the very first one to meet me after that fateful day, she still complains that I am not spending enough time with her for a proper farewell.


Min and I went through a lot together – break ups, job changes, family problems – and for some reasons, despite our very different lifestyles and social backgrounds, we gelled like bread and butter. Hours can pass by as we sipped on our coffee watching the world goes by at Starbucks Orchard, while we caught on each others’ news from the last time we met.

Min will be one of the very few people whom I know will remain a close friends despite the miles between us. I mean, we have been there and done that, don’t we, darling? And thank goodness for your short getaway next week. We will explore my new home together, yes? :)

Gathering with Michaelians in Singapore at Seah Street Deli

I walked down memory lane and realised that twelve years have passed since I got to know these two lovely ladies. Chee Leng, Pooi Yen and I went back to my days as prefects at St. Michael’s in Ipoh. Yes, they are my secondary school friends. Hence the number of years.

After we have completed our STPM (which is like A-Levels), Chee Leng and I came to Singapore to study in different courses in NTU. Despite being in the same campus, we didn’t meet up often enough. It was upon graduating that we actually meet up more… but still not as often as we should be.

And then I got to know that Pooi Yen came to Singapore to work…. two years after it happened. I still remember being fuming mad when we met up over a Japanese dinner earlier this year lamenting her lack of news. But I was glad that our friendship was reignited.

But who would have thought it would come to an end so soon? No, not our friendships. But our time together being in the same city. It was a pity that we couldn’t be a part of each others’ lives as much as we could, girls. Like what we talked about last night, there is always Facebook, yes? Heh :D

The date is drawing near and I still have more goodbyes to say, more hugs to be exchanged, more tears to be shed. But I shall be strong. It was the word of encouragements from these friends that embolden me to take this very next step.