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The Force Is Strong With Generation 3

What the heck is Generation 3?

Well, presenting my colleagues from the third company I worked with. Hence the coined term G-3. LOL.

Beth, Jun, me, Eric, Jade, Jason, Lisa & Tess

I managed to dig out this pic out of the very few photos I took with them. This one was taken back in 2007, during my first ever Christmas house party at my very old place in AMK. Almost the entire gang turned up. This was after I have left the company actually, so the party was kinda a “farewell” for me after being a colleague to them for a grand total of one year, one month.

Doesn't this looks like a gambling den?

And of course, the whole gang started way back. Even at my very first bachelor’s pad at Toa Payoh, the G3 people have been staunch supporters of my house gatherings. This pic was taken at my place not long after I joined the company. I remembered being worried of inviting them to my place – for fear of them rejecting my invite, or worse, for not turning up at all.

As you can tell from the pic, I shouldn’t have worried at all.

Trip to Genting Highlands with JobStreet colleagues

As with any company, people come and people go. Some are destined never to be friends to start with, and yet some become more than just colleagues. I am blessed to be bestowed with friendships from some of the best people in the company. How can I forget the laughter shared over the months, including this infamous trip to Genting Highland? Lisa, Tess, Daniel and I certainly had an experience difficult to forget during this weekend getaway. We know the reasons, don’t we?

Yes, yes, I know I looked extremely off-putting in the photo.

Reunion with JobStreet Colleagues

Fast forward a few more months, and again I am saying farewell to them. This time, the meaning is deeper, more significant, but no less impactful. I am grateful to have them by my side during my most uncertain moment, career-wise. Needless to say they have been extremely supportive and encouraging.

To the good people of JobStreet, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will miss you all dearly.

GNB the next time I am back in town?

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