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A Friend by Chance

Me & Faisal

At times, one’s life can be tremendously blessed by chance encounter.

I met Faisal one night by chance when I met with another new friend. We hit it off right away, and since then our friendship never looked back. In fact, he is one of the bigger influencer in my life… consider the following which happened one day at my house:

Faisal: Raz, I need to borrow a shirt

Raz: Okay, just look through my clothes

(Rumbling through my rack of clothes)

Faisal: (Looking incredulous) Raz, you need to change your wardrobe

Raz: ….

What can I say? Faisal is one of the most fashionable person I know. The proof? Something happened a few months after we got to know each other of which I am sure I am not allowed to blog about. Heh.

Faisal is always someone whom I can count on to dish out spot-on advice, especially on my love life, for he understands me better than most. I can’t say I know him as well as he knows me, but I am confident enough to say that my life changed since our chance encounter that fateful night in January 2008. For the better.

Celine Dion's Taking Chance Kuala Lumpur 2008

And of course, the highlight of the strength of our friendship came about when we went to Celine Dion’s concert in KL last year. It was a miracle that we didn’t throttle each other to death. Dude, you will know by now that I have the patience of a saint. LOL.

Dinner @ Villa Bali with Faisal

I wish I have better pics of him to put up here, but as he has yet to send me the photos we took during our fantastic farewell dinner at Little Bali (by the way, Fais, thanks for the treat!), this picture of a basket of crackers will have to do for now.

Beary Love

And he is also someone who buys me the most thoughtful gifts. Thanks for these. It is fated that you bought these when I needed one. And when I write in them, I will remember you. And thanks for all the beautiful memories – the nights out, the pillow talks, the dinners…

… you know they meant a lot to me, don’t you? Thanks, bro.