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The Incredible Journey with Singapore Men’s Chorus

My journey with the Singapore Men’s Chorus (SMC) started off by chance. I was posting about how amazing was this group of men’s choir on YouTube, and and of my friends told me about SMC… and I decided to go for it.

For friends who know me well enough, they know… that I can’t sing to save my life. And perhaps that’s why my audition was a perfect disaster. But as luck would have it, I was in.

In January 2009, I started to rehearse with the people of SMC… and hence began my meaningful journey with this bunch of really talented guys. We came from all walks of life – the students, the execs, the directors, the idol-wannabes, the ex-wind band members – but we shared a common passion for the performance of singing.

Big Group Shot

Through my five month journey with the group, I made many new friends, some of whom have become very dear to me. I mean, how could one deny the blessing and joy of friendships bestowed so unconditionally? Like…

… the one who flirt with me at every single practice
… the one who never fail to have a drink with me after every prac
… the ones who always club the Friday nights away with me
… the one who always put everyone on their toes, like a mother hen (heh)
… the one who is so humble, so talented that he still awes me

And most of all, these guys shown me that no matter what kind of person I am, they will accept me with open arms and understanding hearts. And that is what I cherish the most about SMC.

Some of my most memorable moments were made during the preparation for our small group performances. The members of the chorus gang up to put up a small number to be staged at the end of our Friday performances. And being the shameless guy I was, I had not one but two groups.

Alex & I

One was a duet with Alex, singing “The Start of Something New” from High School Musical 1. The song meant something to us, since both of us are a fan of the popular movie series. We practised for quite a couple of time, mostly on Sundays, until our duet is ready. During these Sundays, we spent a lot of good time together. I am also very grateful the ever talented Sean played the piano for us. The actual performance didn’t go too shabbily despite the ultra stage fright, and I enjoyed myself.

Small Group Rehearsal @ My Place

The second one was a five-some with Mark, Kitson, Lucas and Andy, singing Jason Mraz’s most famous “I’m Yours”. Actually, I kinda gatecrashed the group. When Mark told me they are singing this song, I asked to be part of it… and that started our journey of getting to know each other better. The actual performance (YouTube here) was incredibly unpolished, but we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

On my final night with with SMC, a big group of us went to have drinks for some final moments together. That night coincides with the night we did “I’m Yours”, and the presence of one of the co-founders of SMC, Todd. I was incredibly honoured and flustered at the same time… but nothing some rounds of champagne couldn’t handle. LOL. The night ended on a high note, and I was incredibly touched to see so many of my good friends around.

Group Photo @ DYMK

And so, that spelled the end of my journey with the Singapore Men’s Chorus. It was short-lived, but one that was filled with passion, friendship and love. One of the things that I will miss the most when I leave Singapore will be SMC. It pains me to leave them even before I managed to sing for one season… but I guess you gotta deal with life’s ironic turns.

To the lovable members of Singapore Men’s Chorus, thank you for making my journey with you guys a memorable one. You will be fondly remembered.

Group Photo with SMC - My Final Night

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