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The Small Group Who Can

When I got to know the song Mark’s small group intended to sing, I was beside myself. I love that song, and love the acapella arrangement, and I was excited about the prospect of doing something similar with my fellow chorister.

So I asked if I can gate crash their group, despite already having a duet myself. And they said yes.

Over the last few months, we met a couple of times at each member’s house to rehearse. We went through so many rounds of adjustments to our arrangement – including once when one of us left the choir and later came back, much to our relief and happiness – and finally, we are ready for our big night tomorrow.

We were supposed to perform in front of the Singapore Men’s Chorus at the first week of June, but because of the changes in my circumstances, my fellow choristers decided to bring forward the date so that I can do this with them.

For this, I am eternally grateful. Thank you, guys. You have no idea how much your thoughts meant to me.

Small Group Rehearsal @ My Place

From left to right: Lucas Leong (the shaker), me (the blower), Andy Hsu (the stroker), Kitson Chia (the… one, hehe) and Mark Goh (the plucker)