Happiness is not by chance, but by choice

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Did you know… that I reduced my waistline from 40″ in early 2008 to 32″ right now? Many of my friends complimented me on my new “figure”, and of course I am happy and flattered.

However, my happiness is not because of the compliments, but because I choose to be happy.

When I was at my bigger size, I agonised over everything I eat. I missed having McDonalds’ big breakfast meal (upsized no less). Whenever I was faced with the option to eat what I want or to eat what is healthy, I faltered, and will most likely opt for the latter.

But I was sad, because I believe my happiness depends on what I eat. My value, then, is to equate my joy with the ability to eat what I want.

Now at my new size, I still agonise over everything I eat. But the difference is that I am happy not eating rice, only lean chicken meat. I am happy not eating at fast food outlets, but to cook my own meals three times a day.

I am happy now, because I believe my happiness depends on how I feel about myself. My value, now, is to equate my joy with the ability to choose what I eat.

Happiness is not necessarily dictated by your circumstances. It depends on the choices you made. If you have a wrong set of values, and you live by them, inherently you will lead a miserable life.

To have the courage to admit that your values are wrong, and make a change, is to learn to be happier. Your happiness is no one’s responsibility but your own.

Accept that responsibility and be happy. You owe it to yourself.

2 Thoughts on “Happiness is not by chance, but by choice

  1. mario valencia on 25 June, 2009 at 9:00 am said:

    hello? i really like your article about being happy. yup, i agree with you that happiness is not by chance, but by choice. maybe if you would, i’d love to share ideas with you :) who knows that we might have something in common. . .

  2. @ Mario – Thanks for dropping by! Sure, share with me your ideas. I could update the post with some new philosophical (but not necessarily make sense) thoughts I had recently :)

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