London Day 5 – Final Day in London, Transit in Istanbul and Back to Singapore

First thing first – I didn’t take anymore photos from this point on. For some reasons I was occupied with “some stuff” which I can’t blog about. But there weren’t much worth taking photos on.

The plan was for me to get to the airport on time, take the British Airway flight to Istanbul, stay in Attartuk International Airport for 11 (freaking) hours before boarding the Singapore Airlines flight back to Singapore.

A long trip was ahead. I was not sure what to feel.

The morning was spent packing up my mountain of dirty laundry, travel knick knacks and miscellaneous items and stuff everything into my backpack. After a final round checking my Facebook (yes, it can get addictive), I headed to the Tube and made my way to the airport.

The flight on British Airway was uneventful. Perhaps because it was my second last flight for the entire trip, I was pretty blase about it. Touching down in Istanbul brought back a nostalgia that was hard to place. I mean, I left the place only like a few days ago… about two weeks. Gosh, had it been that long already!

It was about 9 p.m. when I landed at Attartuk. My flight is at early morning the next day on SQ, so I spent time traipsing around the airport, having snacks at Burger King (placing my order was quite an experience) and sleeping on the airport chairs/floor (which was definitely an experience).

The night at the airport wasn’t that enjoyable, what with the constant interruption on my sleep. I was half expecting to be the only person to be spending the night there, but to my surprise I was accompanied by quite a number of travelers. However that did not lessen the sense of loneliness in me.

So it was with great relief that I boarded SQ plane, to be greeted with familiar faces and services and food. And some 14 hours later, I landed at Changi Airport.

It was with a great mix of emotion that I am back in Singapore. Part of me was relieved to be back to familiar surroundings and old routines. Yet another part of me was sad that my three weeks holiday came to an end. I am not sure if I will ever get to do that kind of trip again, what’s with my job and economic situation.

Perhaps I shall write in another post on this. But this was it! The end of my trip! :)

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