It’s London babyyyy!

Hey guys,

I have arrived in London, having spent the last nine days in Greece. The weather here has been all wet and gloomy, making the exploration of Santorini and Athens less fun than it should be. Nevertheless I had loads of fun getting to know and hanging out with fellow backpackers here in Athens. We spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day together. It was awesome.

More pictures when I am back in Singapore. And right now, it is time to explore London!

Happy 2009, everyone :)

Sunset at the town of Fira at Santorini, Greece.

2 Thoughts on “It’s London babyyyy!

  1. Razlan my man! I know this is a bit random, but it’s Aaron Singh – band leader and percussion SL for 2001/2002. You may not remember me, but I remember you (frankly who doesn’t?) :)

    I study in London nowadays, so if you get this in time and are still around I’d be happy to show you around (or at least we can bitch about the weather together). Drop me an email, leave a comment on my blog or reply here and I’ll send you my number (do you have an email I can send it to?) have fun and happy new year man!

  2. Razlan on 3 January, 2009 at 3:09 pm said:

    Hey Aaron,

    Yes, of course I remember you. LOL. I am now on transit in Dubai, heading back to Singapore. I loveeeeeed London, and am pretty sure will be back for more. Look out for my blog posts and gazillion photos in the coming days! And thanks for the offer for showing me around :)

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