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Departure to Istanbul

A great journey starts with a dream… and friends.

Shafik and Cheryl had graciously agreed to send me off at Changi Airport on the night of my departure. We had dinner at Breeks right after my check-in, when I revealed my surprise Christmas gifts to them.

Cheryl & I

A heart-shaped Swarozki crystal pendant for the lovely Cheryl

Shafik & I

A Braun Buffel “clubbing” wallet for the adorable Shafik

Soon it was time for me to board SQ490 heading to Istanbul, with a short transit at Dubai Airport. The whole journey took me at least 14 hours, but overall it was a very pleasant experience worthy of the famed Singapore Airlines’ level of service. I was a happy camper when I finally landed in Istanbul at the wee hour of the morning.

More photos from the night of my departure from Changi Airport here.