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I Not Swallow

I hate swallowing pills.

There, I said it. I hate pills in all shapes and sizes. Anything that requires me to put the offending object onto my tongue, take a motherfuckingload of water, all the while praying the damn thing won’t choke me to death.

When I was young, I remember crushing the pills into powder form, dilute it with water, before eating it. The taste was horrible, but the almighty fear was worse!

Now that I am older, with practice, I am able to not to think about it too much.

Yes, right now, I can swallow properly. LOL.

Doesn’t mean I like it, though. If not for my goddamn flu, I wouldn’t inflict such atrocity onto myself.

Moving on to some related news, I am on medical leave. Like, an official one. Managed to see a doctor today. He was old, talkative and seem hell-bent to bore me to death with his small talk. It took all my will power not to cough into his face to stop my brain burrowing out of my skull.

Okay, that’s extreme. I think it’s the meds talking. Ta now.