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David Archuleta in… David Archuleta

In this self-titled album, little David showed the world a firm step forward to becoming a star in his own right. I had been a fan ever since his Idol days.

The entire album is packed with songs unheard before (I can’t assume they are new, coz knowing me, even if they are recycled pieces, I wouldn’t know), and you’ll only find one single track sang in American Idol.

And that happens to be my favorite song from the entire album. “Angel”, originally sung by Robbie Williams, was so perfectly performed by Archuleta… it was a terrific art piece in itself.

Here’s a snippet – go get the full album for the full song.

Angel (longer version snippet) – David Archuleta

Oh, and that is not the album cover. I got tired of looking at the same cover when I read his album reviews, so I thought I’ll use another picture to go along my post.

On to five other non-related, random news about yours truly:

#1. I am sick. Like, real sick. Flu, fever, sore throat, cough… seems like my nights of clubbing have finally caught on with me. If you kissed me recently, I blame you.

#2. I didn’t see a doc; I wanted to, but they won’t see me. Doctors get way too much business, if you ask me. There goes one of my annual leaves.

#3. So I bought some remedies for my illness, food-wise: Milo, Horlick… and a 6-pack. I had one, and now having the other one. Guess which is which.

#4. I spent more than S$50 on cab fare alone today. Tell Comfort that I blog about them and I want a discount.

#5. I thought hard on what to write as my last point… but my brain won’t cooperate. I think it has retired for the night. So pardon me for this redundant last point.