The Month That Was October

Did you miss me?

I missed you. I missed blogging. I missed the inspiration to put my thoughts into words. I missed the relish of completing a long, meaningful blog post.

Most of all, I miss the therapeutic effect of blogging.

Last month has been a very eventful month for me. Several very important things happened as the days passed, barely leaving me with enough space to breathe. Reflections on what transpired were rudely interrupted by yet another swell of emotions, causing me to gasp, splutter and rasp.

What can I say? I have a dramatic life.

On the work front, things have been roughly the same. No, it doesn’t mean it has been quiet. On the contrary, work has been terrifying. But the level of drama-ness is the same as before. Nothing I couldn’t handle. With the launch of my website (please support!) and a drastic change in our marketing strategy, sometimes I wish I am an ostrich.

Life with friends have never been more dramatic and eventful all year long. Here are some photographic evidence.

I had my first Turkish dinner. LOL. So that wasn’t the point, for that night I went out with Shafik and Cheryl scouring for Halloween costumes. It was a delightful experience, a preview of what to come for my Istanbul trip. More photos here.

The interior of Sufi

And then there was my shopping trip to Little India, in my vain effort to find a cheap but luxurious Indian costume for my Raya visiting that year. I loved how I look in my costume, and here are more photos if you are interested.

Adjusting my buttons

Have I told you what kind of crazy colleagues I have? We had a little office party at my place. Elaine gamely introduced us to Indian poker, which proven to deathly for us. Three bottles of vodka, countless mixers and glasses of warm water (?!?), all masks were off as the real us came out to play.


Of course, there was the DeepaRaya 2008 itself, which was a superrrrr long journey in itself. Started off at Tampines, then off to Bedok, with a detour to Bugis, then to Jurong, and ended at Khatib. It was fun nonetheless, what with all the inappropriate nick names for individual body parts. Let me just put it this way – you’ll never hear me say “come to big daddy” anymore *wink*. Here is my favourite photo from that day – more here


The month ended with the infamous Halloween Bus Tour. The costume in itself was already great fun. Put that together with great friends, a crowd of rowdy party-goers, copious amount of alcohol and four clubs (Le Noir, Loof, Thumper and Attica), it was a recipe for a great night. It was, actually, minus the drama that ended the night. Nevertheless… what can I say? My life is never the same with the drama, guys. You know who you are. I love our photos, by the way. Classic. Here’s my fav one:

Shafik & I

And that concluded my visual summary of the month that was October 2008. How much more there was to it?

For one, it was the end to one of the greatest love affair in my life. When I said affair, I meant it literally. I knew it wasn’t meant to be, and I wanted to enjoy the process while it last. Unfortunately the rational part of me took over and made the process shorter than I want it to be. We didn’t even last till the birthday and the trip.

For what it’s worth, my dear, you taught me what it is like to love and be loved. Nothing will ever be the same again for me. Some people are meant to stay forever in your life, some meant to leave footprints and change your life forever.

The memory of you is the former, and you are the latter.

And there is the huge leap of faith by one of my closest friends. Heck it, let me just say that the person is the closest friend to me right now. I know it is a big step for you, and I am very, very glad it brought us closer. Remember what I told you about the white, Greek wedding? You will be one of the few.

I lost count of the number of times I used the word “drama” in various permutation throughout this post. In all honesty, people, I am tired of it all. I wish it will end soon and leave me in peace to enjoy life. It doesn’t mean you are intruding in my life – you are far from it. But I think all of us can do better than surviving one incident after another.

On that note, I will end this post. I don’t know when I will be back. I hope it will be sooner than later.

Wish me luck for November.

5 Thoughts on “The Month That Was October

  1. so that’s Zorro?

  2. Razlan on 6 November, 2008 at 2:59 pm said:

    Yup I was :)

  3. Hmm.. nice.

    I think your black stallion got invited to another party uh?

  4. Haha, now that’s one way to put it. I was asked more for my missing sword though. Heh.

  5. Hmm.. nice.

    I think your black stallion got invited to another party uh?

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