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Silent September

If you felt that I have maintained a pretty much low profile for the past month, blogging only very sporadically… you are right. For many reasons, I don’t spend as much time as I should want to doodling around online in September.

For one, the past month has been crunch time at work, with the product that I have been sweating over for since December last year is scheduled to launch on 1st October. Rounds of testing, bug fixes and last-minute changes translated into stress, anxiety and trauma for yours truly.

The proceedings didn’t happen as planned, but here it is now, for those who are interested. I am immensely proud of it, even if the end result was a far-cry from how I envisioned it to be, but it is afterall, my hard work. Every inch of it.

Towards end of the month, things went crazy again. Yes, the product was launched, despite the hiccups. But it was also a time for new office. We moved out from the heart of town – Orchard Road, of which I paid homage every workday morning. As glam as that sounds, working in Singapore’s shopping district poses more cons than pros.

Last (and the first) group photos in our old office at Shaw Centre

Full set of photos here.

My new office will be located a mere two MRT stations away from where I am living, much to the envy of my fellow colleagues. At first glance, Toa Payoh isn’t as tantalising after the glitz that was Orchard Road, but I am sure we will all adapt. Just as everyone else needs to be in face of rising living cost and uncertain economic climate as the present time is.

And look at the size of my desk! With window view! Even if everything was a dump, my new workstation is something to be happy about.

To celebrate the successful launch of our baby, and the new office, a few of us took advantage of the proximity of my home to the work place and had a dinner party. Which ended in a state of total drunkeness at various clubs around the island.

Colleagues for the night – Shafik, Elaine & Cindy

Dinner spread for the night.. the food, not the people!

Full set of photos here.

And so… uninspiring as this may seem, it concludes my summary for the silent month that was September.