The Delicious Bubble of Awesome-ness That Was The Past Weekend

Thursday night was about the absolutely delicious start to my weekend. It was sweet especially after a pretty gruesome day at work. Met up with Cheryl together with Shafik for a spot of dinner at Paragon’s Fish & Co, which without a doubt serves the best platters of seafood, ever! The dinner was so good that we were groaning with pleasure.

We were I was supposed to shop for new clothes to be worn the next day due to a special occasion. Well… as far as shopping goes, the only thing I bought was lilies for Cheryl. And then some pretty fattening yet delicious dessert at NYDC. Camwhoring rocks!




Friday was about a relaxing day at work (relatively speaking), after which Shafik buka-ed puasa with me near my place. Between end of dinner and clubbing time, Cheryl joined us for a spot of craziness at my place… well, they were crazy, and I was trying to catch some sleep! At about 10 plus, after some serious dolling up, the three of us head down to the club. It would have been wayyyyyy to quiet and boring for us if not for Mak, Sean, Eileen and Ian who joined us later on. The dance floor was never the same after that.

Thankfully I kept myself sober sombre throughout most of the night. We headed home pretty early, before I knocked out right after showering while Shafik and Cheryl still had the energy to order McDonald’s for Shafik’s zahur.

Saturday was about waking up early in the morning to call Mum for an-hour of catch up. Surprisingly it was actually fun telling her about what happened to me for the past month. After that I rushed to watch the movie Money No Enough. The show was great, and the company was… soothing. I have no problems admitting that I cried like a big teddy bear towards the end of the movie. The story depicted was just too real and memories of an earlier life came flooding back. It was filled with regrets that I have known not back then.

Coffee followed the end of the movie before I rushed back to AMK to prepare for the steamboat. The idea was mooted by me as a welcome gathering for Mak who just came back from an awesome trip in London. Well, I felt pretty pressured to live up to my legendary standard, and it did not help that my guests – consisting of the gang from the previous night plus Lenz and Eugene – arrived early and watched me preparing the spread.

But of course! The platters were almost wiped clean, save for some very minimal leftovers. The night was filled with much fun and laughter, especially with Mak’s “treasure” from London. Photos from the night here.



Sunday was about recuperating at home from a hectic weekend with little naps, house chores (with the help from my faithful weekend maid) and (finally!) started my filing system. Now my desk is a heaven of organised-ness that I am very proud of!

I want to end this post with this – just because I didn’t mention certain things that happened during the weekend, it doesn’t mean they don’t mean much to me. But of course they do. I guess you know that.

And yes, I am very, very thankful it happened.

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