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The weekend that was…

Candlelight Dinner

… magical.

Introducing… Mr. Porky the Pig!

Work has been picking up in office, hence everyone in the team was a bit stretched… for a good reason. So when I saw Mr. Porky at Plaza Singapura last night, I just couldn’t resist:


So cute right? I loved it so much… that I thought I should spread the joy to everyone in the office.


(From L to R) Ms. Bunny, Mr. Porky, Mr. Mousey, Mr. BearBear and Ms. Pussy Kitty Cat.

We had so much fun playing with our new toys. Ah, the joy of simple things in life.

Now we can have our very own Puppet Musical in office!

The Delicious Bubble of Awesome-ness That Was The Past Weekend

Thursday night was about the absolutely delicious start to my weekend. It was sweet especially after a pretty gruesome day at work. Met up with Cheryl together with Shafik for a spot of dinner at Paragon’s Fish & Co, which without a doubt serves the best platters of seafood, ever! The dinner was so good that we were groaning with pleasure.

We were I was supposed to shop for new clothes to be worn the next day due to a special occasion. Well… as far as shopping goes, the only thing I bought was lilies for Cheryl. And then some pretty fattening yet delicious dessert at NYDC. Camwhoring rocks!




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Threesome Dinner & The Dog

Min has been away in the US for three weeks or so, and she missed my housewarming gathering as she flew off on that very day. Tonight she swing my place after work for dinner, together with her beau Ted and beautiful, beautiful puppy named Bala.

Why Bala? Because Bala is jet black. It is a she, and when she hides under my bed, you can’t see her!

Bala & I

Dinner was a low key affair of Portuguese chicken, racks of lamb ribs, briyani rice, mixed salad and tom yum soup. The combination was delectable, especially with the delicious bottle of wine the couple has brought along.

The dinner spread

As I tried to share with Min what happened to me since the night she flew to Los Angeles (that lucky girl!), I was stumped for words. Where do I start? Where do I end? What should I emphasise on? Which detail should I neglect?

My story was so abrupt with its twist and turn, I stopped myself from continuing and stared at Min, flabbergasted. I was not doing my tale justice. My phrases lacked punches, my choice of words lacked wisdom.

But, I told myself, does it really matter what happened? Does it make me any less of an interesting – or experienced – person if I do not put down what I have went through in words?

Unlike some people I have the misfortune to meet, I don’t justify my actions with the world. Nor I see the need to seek for the upper hand in life and establish that with everyone.

So I stopped myself, smiled to her, and said, right now, at that very moment, I am happy. I have many people to be thankful to.

And some of them will be reading this entry. For that, my friends, I thank you!

Full set of photos here.

New Balance Real Run

New Balance Real Run

Hot on the heels of the madness that was my decision to do the Standard Chartered marathon, I confirmed that I am unmedically insane by signing up for the New Balance Real Run taking place this September.

Everyone now…. “WHAT?!?!”

Yes, I know, that’s absolutely ridiculous. Considering it is a 10 km cross terrain, I am not even sure I can finish it.

But I thought this is a good opportunity for me to try out a public run, and better gauge my preparation progress up to that point.

Like one of your guys said… take the New Balance run for the experience, and the SCB run for the expectation.

My goal is to complete the journey under two hours.

Now, who is crazy enough to join me? We can get started by shopping – each registrant can buy a pair of New Balance shoes at 30% off. And I need a pair of running shoes.

P.S.: Onto a less happy note, someone decided to stop dating me… because of something I have posted. I am was absolutely flabbergasted, but decided to let it rest. I don’t see a point anymore. Really.

P.S.S.: Oh! And Happy Teachers’ Day to all my friends who are (of course) teachers. You know who you are! :)