Margarita Night – Not!

OMG! Margarita overflow!

My new ice blender was simply the best investment I made for my new house, ever.

Granted, our planned margarita night didn’t live up to its name. For one, there wasn’t any margarita involved. I didn’t know you need more than ice, alcohol and orange juice to make some.

So Cheryl and Shafik turned up after watching the fireworks display in town, smelling like the crowd. LOL. After we figured out how to operate the blender, we wasted no time in trying out various concoctions.

Without a doubt, Shafik is the master with lychees and longans and dubious sweet syrup.

Much drunken laughter and silly antics ensued after a record number of seven jugs. More photos here.

Chilling out at home with friends on a weekend night is cool :)

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