Housewarming Party

Whatever I was doing?

Another move, another new house, another party. Decided to keep my gathering this time to be really small. Just a few friends close to me, for a night of catching up and be with each other.

Though truth to be told, I am saddened that a couple of my closer friends are not there. People like Min, Faisal and Mak. You guys were missed, you know.

It was a potluck kind of party. Everybody brought along some things to share with everyone. There were fried noodles, roast chickens, baos, muffins, Old Chang Kees, Ben & Jerry… some brought Heinekeen beers and Vodka. All in all, it was an enjoyable spread.

But nothing can beat my joy in seeing my friends. Here are some photos from the night:

Bryan & I

Bryan brought along some delicious Ben & Jerry ice cream!

Jason & I

Jason came along with Bryan. I think last night we spoke to each other the most since we got to know each other! LOL

Eugene & I

Eugene brought along some roast chickens with Lenz. Haha…. it was kinda funny to see you zonked out on my sofa :P

Shafik and I

Shafik, where’s your jelly, man?!

Cheryl & I

Shafik said this photo of Cheryl and I is like from a wedding. Haha. Very. Funny.

Eileen, Sean, me and Lenz

That’s Eileen, Sean, me and Lenz.

Ryan & I

Kinda a last minute decision for Ryan to come by… and I am glad you did, dude. We had a blast!

Aldo, Yali, Mok & I

Aldo with his bao, Yali with her Heineken, and Mok with his champagne. A delectable combination. Yummmm…

In retrospect, this party was special to me. In many ways. From “officiating” my house that I have finally moved in, to getting to know some of my friends better… all in all it was good. Something that was meant to happen, didn’t, yet something else totally unexpected, happened.

I just hope to carry on this goodwill and mold them into something… more.

You can view the full set of the party photos, as well as various shots of my house, on on my Flickr set.

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