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Taking Chances – Celion Dion in Kuala Lumpur!

Celine Dion

Seven hours and counting down to my departure to KL!

This is going to be a much needed break for me, as well as my travel buddy. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of unexpected twists and turns in my job and love life, I can hardly found the energy and peace of mind to pause and let my heart heal.

Though the upcoming trip is not going to be really a full-out holiday for us (due to some last minute stuff), I guess it is cool not to fight the crowd and spend some quiet time in a somewhat foreign place.

Things to do while I am in KL:

1) Shop for some casual clothes
2) Go out clubbing on Sat night
3) Read my books and prepare some stuff for work
4) Take part in KL Freeze in Unison
5) And, of course, to be at Stadium Merdeka for Celine Dion’s Concert!

Hmmm… come to think of it, I got quite a bit to do at this supposedly laid-back trip. Heh!

Will be away for the weekend, and be back on Monday afternoon. You be good, people :)

It’s Too Noisy

Imagine you had a long day at work.

Imagine you rushed home to enjoy a quiet night in. Perhaps a simple dinner, some beer and a DVD.

Imagine your body relaxing, your muscles loosen, and you find yourself slipping into a deep slumber.

Instead of all these, now imagine your whole serenity is spoiled by banging drums and clashing cymbals.

I had the fortune to be at home the night when a chinese opera and a lion dance decided to have a competition to see who is louder.

It was so noisy I can’t enjoy my porn hear myself think. In frustration I went to sleep early.

And I dreamed of banging drums and clashing cymbals. Gah, those irritants got into my brain!!!

Click to listen how noisy it was. I wasn’t kidding!

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