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Videos of Ribena

Finally managed to upload some of the videos that I have taken of Ribena:

An introduction to Ribena
Ribena is falling asleep…
Ribena playing fetch, and failed!

Latest Update: Apparently Ribena has already found a home. I am rather saddened that right now, my decision is finally final, and yet happy for her. May she be happy with her new owners.

That family won’t know what hit them :)

Ribena’s Last Night with Me

Ribena & I

It was with a heavy heart that I returned Ribena, my female shihtzu puppy, to her owner.

The past one week homestay as Ribena stayed with me, I realised that there is no way I can provide her with the care and attention that she’ll need to grow as a happy puppy.

I am gone for almost 12 hours everyday for work. During that time, she whined for me (though after a day or two she toned down considerably) and was so bored that she played with things she never did before – water, newspaper, her paws.

Though she has the good sense not to play with her poop while I am gone.

When I come home, she will go mad with joy, jumping and barking and wagging her tail furiously. As I let her out from her playpen, she will circle my feet, and then paw her way to my knees.

There was once she run back to her playpen and get her favourite toy (the Starhub’s plush doggie) and run back to me. My heart broke. She misses me.

She learned the word “mum mum” – which means food. She will bark once at me, repeatedly, communicating her need for food. She gets puzzled by my choice of music – the way she cocked her head to one side is simply adorable – but got used to bozza nova whenever I am home.

One day I came home to discover her all wet and dirty from the sogged newspaper. I was furious and upset. But I realised it is not her fault. She is only a pup. She won’t know better. It is my responsibility to teach her, to keep her company.

It was there and then I knew I shouldn’t keep her for my own benefit. She deserves a home who can give her better care.

So I packed up all her stuff that now belongs to her – many pieces of rugs, a huge playpen, sleeping bed, dog food, toys, chewies… all these filled like two bags.

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