CNY Holiday Day #1

The Chinese New Year festivities started with a gathering of my best NTU buddies at Brewerkz. Liping was home from London for the CNY holiday (she is back almost like every other two months!), and since Terence Cheah was (surprise! surprise!) free for a gathering, so the few of us got together for dinner and beer.

It was, to me, one of the best gatherings we had for a long, long time. You know how people says… acquaintances come and go, but only the really true friends will stay? These guys have seen me through thick and thin throughout the years. I love you all – but I think you already know that! :D

Gathering @ Brewerkz

Gathering @ Brewerkz

Gathering @ Brewerkz

By the way, I look awfully chubby in these photos – I don’t know why!

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