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CNY Holiday Day #4

Another lazy day. Slept in late to prepare a long night ahead. Wake up early enough to head down to the Fitness First gym at AMK Hub. It wasn’t pack, since it was the second day of CNY, so I was able to chalk up my usual minutes of cardio in relative peace.

And then it was time to head down to Wylie’s place for her CNY gathering. Actually the whole thing supposed to start off at 8 plus, but since I have another party to go to later that night, I decided to drop by earlier and have a catch up with Wylie before her guests turn up.

Over glasses of red wine, we updated each other on our lives, and how much has changed since the last we spoke. I am very happy for her because now she is in a very stable relationship, with someone that I actually knew from before.

And soon her guests turned up – a bunch of teenage girls from her workplace, I guess. So I became assistant host (hehe) and entertained the kids while Wylie rushed to prepare for the night. Eventually all of us ended up playing black jack. The stakes were painfully small (50 cents?!?) until I raised it to S$10 towards my last game.

Of course I won, haha. But I played yet another round to help the host out.

After that I went to Marc’s party. It was a gathering of online friends, and it was my first time to one of his “legendary” parties.

I was nervous! I don’t know who among my friends will be there, and I have never met the host before. But I knew Hisham and Garry will be, so at least there will be some familiar faces around.

I shouldn’t have been worried. The moment I was in the vicinity of his house, yet another friend called out for me.

And so the party begins, with lotsa food (most I didn’t touch – diet la) and plenty of drinks. Most importantly, I met so many “new” friends – friends that I somehow know online but never met before. And some other friends whom I didn’t know will be turning up.

The strangest thing was that these online friends actually recognise me, but more often than not I can’t, for the life of me, recognise them! It was so embarrassing! Sorry dudes for the lousy first impression :P

I had to leave the party early as I wasn’t feeling too good after too much to drink. And true enough, the moment I reached home, I…. did things that I am soooo glad I didn’t do at the party!!!

All in all, a good night out. Happy to have met up with old friends and made some new ones.

Thanks again to Marc for the invite. Appreciate it – and the next time I will wear my trendy specs so that you can recognise me. Haha…