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My Favorite American Idol Contestant – David Archuleta

David Archuleta

I was running walking on an inclined threadmill when American Idol came on. I have heard that the latest season of the immensely popular franchise was on, but I have stopped watching it since Season 4.

But the contestants for this season really captured my interest.

For one thing, they are really good singers. It was the guy’s round last night, and I can’t really find anyone whom were on stage not because of their singing ability. True, their style and talent vary, but I was entertained nonetheless.

And what’s up with all the bashing and insult to Simon Cowell? Is it the theme of the season, or something?

I was like completing 6 km (by merely walking, I tell you!) when David Archuleta took the stage amidst thunderous applause.

What astounded me right away was how young he is. He is 17! When I was 17 I was still obsessed with my school work.

And that he sang, as a child, to the contestants of American Idol season 1! I can’t recall the name of the song, but it was the same diva-ish piece which shot Bianca Ryan to fame.

Back to David. He took the stage singing “Imagine” by John Lennon.

No gimmicks, nothing but his voice talent. And he is truly the most captivating of them all. David Archuleta sang with such sincerity, he gave me goosebumps.

By the end of his heart wrenching rendition of the masterpiece, Paula Abdul is not the only one in tears. It was embarrassing to wipe your eyes while still working out on the threadmill in front of so many people, you know.

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A moment of change

A moment of change

I have not been updating my blog for ages now.

Truth to be told, there are many things which distracted me. For one, work is heating up – finally. Those who listened to me whining about how uninspiring my work has become will breath in relief.

I am officially swamped with analysis after analysis. These by no mean will propel the business forward – there are still too much uncertainties – but at least things are looking promising.

On another front, I have ended the date with whom I celebrated V-day. As much as I wish it’ll work, the truth is that we are just two different person with contrasting values and personalities.

I think I was blinded by my need to be in a relationship.

One sinked, another one rise. I am much more certain things will work out between my new date and I. There are chemistry, spark, excitement and understanding all rolled into one.

I just regret that I didn’t make my move earlier. Afterall, we have known each other for six years.

I said, “I am already very late in many things with you, I don’t want to be late anymore”

“Well, you are not too late for anything”

You have no idea how much this makes me happy.

My Fitness Regime – Update 2

My Fitness Regime - Update 2

Today I had my measurement officially taken by Crix, which is about a month since I started my fitness programme with him. For some reasons, I got my previous stats in my last update post wrong, so here are the actual ones:

As of 17th January 2008
Weight = 83.4 kg
Fat % = 30.7%
Fat Mass = 25.6 kg
Lean Mass = 42.3 kg

As of 19th February 2008
Weight = 81.1 kg (a reduction of 2.3 kg)
Fat % = 24.3% (a reduction of 6.4%)
Fat Mass = 19.7kg (a reduction of 5.9 kg)
Lean Mass = 44.9 kg (an increase of 2.6 kg)

I know… if you use your maths logic and try to tally the number… well, they don’t add up. I can’t figure it out, but since I am always using the same machine to measure these stats, I reckon they are some kind of benchmarks that I can use.

Some observations:

I didn’t lose as much weight as I thought. In fact when I saw the results, I was a bit disheartened. But Crix was quick to point out that although my effective weight loss is somewhat small, I must look at my fat loss, and muscle gain.

Because I have been doing cardio consistently for at least 45 minutes every time I am in gym (averaging at 3 times a week), completing at least 4 k.m., my fat loss is substantial. This is, of course, helped by the no-carb less-food diet regime that I am under, despite the occasional dinners and drinking sessions.

In fact, Crix is amazed by the amount of fat I lost. I am pretty happy about it myself :D

While I was doing cardio at my own time, I spent every single session with Crix (ten so far) doing weight training, working on my arms, legs, shoulders, back etc. over and over again. My abs crunches are getting easier now, and I realised my endurance for weights is getting stronger. That would explain my gain in lean mass (i.e. muscle).

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Lydia Sum Died… at 60

Lydia Sum Died... at 60

It shocked me to the core that Lydia Sum, died this morning in Hong Kong. The reason is not widely known, but it was suspected that her long cancer-related illness has finally taken its toll on her.

I remember her vividly – she is the comedian whom I look forward to watch on TV as a child. With a loud, vivacious laughter that you can identify in a room full of people, Lydia, or “fei jie” (fat sister in Cantonese) has a huge personality that renders her a long career in the entertainment industry.

This news, still not yet widely circulated on the Internet, saddened me. There goes another truly talented entertainer of our time.

At least she made it past CNY this year.

Rest in piece, Lydia Sum. You are fondly remembered.

(And this reminded me of the Heath Ledger’s saga last month)

The Amazing Race Asia – Collin & Adrian

The Amazing Race Asia - Collin & Adrian

Let me be the first to admit – I have never watched The Amazing Race. I knew many of my friends are fans of the reality show, but as a non-couch potato that I am, I just never caught the fever.

But when news were abound that the team from Singapore won the Asia version of the show, I was intrigued. And when someone posted links to YouTube for the shows, I watched them to see what the hype is about.

At the end of the five clips, I was crying as I watch the duo ran to the finishing line, claiming the grand prize of USD100K.

The show itself was a heart-stopping ride. Racing across 10 countries and 15 cities, the final three teams competed with each other in completing tasks after tasks, counting on a combination of their wits, fitness and composure to beat the others.

And the fact that the race ended in Singapore, where I am living now, only made it all the more real for me.

The duo, Collin and Adrian, was awe-inspiring to watch as well. Collin was the typical Singaporean boy, but it was Adrian whom tugged at the strings of my heart. As the only contestants in Amazing Race that has a disability – he was deaf since born – the gusty fighter kept calming Collin at the tensest moments of the show, and he was the one who kept his cool during the most pressurising stage of the show – the one with the country flags at Sentosa.

It was Adrian’s relentless pursuit to prove that his disability is no hindrance for him to enjoy life to the fullest that got me all inspired.

The second winning team comprises of two Malaysian girls were entertaining enough to watch. I can’t say much about the Filipino duo – they were a bit over confident for my taste – but they should be applauded as they ended the race at third place gracefully.

What can I say? The Amazing Race has now gained another new fan, and I am now inspired to look beyond my own comfort zone in living my life towards the fullest.

Congrats, Collin and Adrian, you guys were awesome. Spend that USD100K wisely!

The dinner that was Valentine’s Day

Welcome to Broth!

There is something different about this year’s Valentine, isn’t it? Somehow I just felt the urge to do something special on this date, and that was what I did yesterday with my date.

With recommendation from a friend, I made a reservation for two for the Valentine’s Special at Broth, which is located along Duxton Hill, along Tanjong Pagar.

As both of us walked nearer to the stretch of shophouses where Broth is located at, I was mesmerised by the place. It was hidden from the buzz that is Duxton Hill (you know… where the Filipino girls hang out looking for “friends”), and tucked in a corner along with some other equally non-descriptive outlets.

The moment I walked into Broth, I was charmed.

The staff were buzzing and smiling to customers, all dressed smartly in tight black jeans, personalised belt (with their individual names!) and striped shirt. And they are all so good looking!

We choose to sit inside the eatery. My date and I were both admiring the beautiful deco (photos to follow), before we actually got into programme proper, namely dinner and get-to-know-each-other-better kind of conversation.

Seems like they only serve the Valentine’s special tonight, and I am impressed with what experience. Yeah, so the time lag between each course was rather lengthy, but with the right companion and right music (jazz, bossa nova, anyone?), who needs to rush through their food?

Broth chef has overdid himself – his food was absolutely delicious. Served in just the right portion, each bite was a tantalising symphony of taste and flavour. Grinning as I tucked in, I told my date how much I love the food. The sentiment was mutual.

I am no food blogger/reviewer, so I’ll let the photos do the talking.

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Personal Portrait by Fotocology


It’s finally here!

I took up a package with Dennis (who runs his own photography business called “Fotocology”) to capture the “before look” of me at the start of my fitness regime. The shot took place at his home-studio sometime end of January.

That was my first time doing a professional shoot, and as you can see from my photos I am really quite nervous. I really need to learn how to smile!

Nevertheless I am pleased with the results. I am still cringing on some of the photos which show my “before” look very obviously – rounded face, protuding chin – but then again this is what this shoot is about.

Will be shooting another round sometime in March, to capture the “after” or maybe “in progress”. I know, I have become such a vainpot!

Full set of photos here, and some selected photos after the jump. I like the one above the most!

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Chinese New Year Madness

Happy Chinese New Year!

Finally the long weekend has come to an end. This is the first time in many years that I spent my Chinese New Year holiday in Singapore. Since the bus ticket to go home is horrendously priced during this festive season, and the fact that hardly anyone of my family will be at home, it will be pointless for me to make the 8-hours journey to Ipoh.

At first I thought it will be lonely and uneventful CNY holiday, but gosh how mistaken I was! Unintentionally I have packed theweekend with loads of stuff, with many hours of “me-time” in between.

Here are my entries chronicling the six days of CNY holidays for me :D

Day #1
Day #2
Day #3
Day #4
Day #5
Day #6

The CNY holiday has been a fun time for me. I did things that I never done before, met up with friends old and new, and spend some time on myself. I am not sure what the rest of February may bring, but I hope it will continue to bring me happiness, less heartache and… surprises.

Yes, surprises. I need something that spark my intrigue and pull my heart strings.

And the weather has been really great recently, ain’t it? Hehe.

Hope you guys had a great CNY hols too :)

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CNY Holiday Day #6

The last day of the CNY holiday! And what better way to herald the day than meeting up with your good friend?

Min is back from Melbourne! This time most likely for good if she gets that dream job she wants. Since the boyfriend is out on business in Japan, and she arrives like 5 plus in the morning, I can’t imagine a petite girl like her lugging around her baggages making her way home.

So I volunteered to go down to the airport (after a sleepless night, I must add) to pick up!

But the silly girl gave me the wrong details! She told me it was Terminal 2, but it was actually at Terminal 3. I arrived like 30 minutes before her flight was supposed to land, and I was panicking when I can’t find the flight number of the arrival list. So I hurried to find the screen for arrivals to T3, and true enough there it was! And it has landed early!

So I rushed over to the skytrain to go over to T3… and on the way Min already SMS-ed me if I am here. Gosh, there goes my imagination of welcoming her the moment she got out of the arrival gate. LOL.

We met up at TCC, and had coffee and catch up with each other. It was more like me filling her in about the tumultous love life that was January, and for her to tell me what is happening with her dream job.

It was so goooood to see her again. I am really, really glad she is back!

Me & Min

After sending her back to Ted’s place, I made my way home to catch up on sleep. It was a fitful one since my weekend maid was here in the afternoon and I have to open the door for her, and there was a string of SMS-es that kept me awake. In the end I woke up at 2 p.m. to head down to the gym since I have an appointment with Crix at 4 p.m.

Only to have him calling me at 3 p.m. when I was already walking towards One George Street that he needed to cancel! Damn! But never mind, since I am already there, I will just do what I wanted to do.

I have to say I was pretty proud of myself. Despite my lack of sleep, I still managed to complete my 45 minutes of cardio (clocking 5 km, by the way) and did some weight and abs crunches.

Headed back for a simple dinner, and here I am typing this entry :D

CNY Holiday Day #5

I slept till very, very late to recover from the night before. Even when I was actually awake, I stayed in bed to nap and read my book in turn, whiling away my time for some gatherings that very night.

At about eight plus, I headed down to Shawn’s place, which is actually very near to my place. Hmmm… now I come to think of it, it was kinda awkward because we are from different circles of friends, and I really do not know the people at his party. He was screening Devils Wear Prada, and then Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix, so I managed to escape my awkwardness for quite a bit.

Towards the end of the party, a few other more familiar friends turned up, so I wasn’t that aloof anymore. Haha… somehow I don’t find myself that sociable! I am not sure why.

After Shawn’s, I made my way down to Bukit Timah to find Garry. Again, another first time for me, though his party was already dwindling down by the time I arrived. Eventually it was only him, me and Kelvin, and we have a long chat over some drinks about stuff. Actually, I was more like doing some major listening as they relate to me the stories of their lives. I have to say, it was very fascinating.

Sometimes I wonder why my life has been so… undramatic. Haha.

At about two we made our way to clubs. Met a few more others who happen to be around, so things were quite fun. Retired to Maxwell Market for supper and yakked with some more friends. I have to keep awake since I need to head to the airport later on the same morning… but that’s for the entry of the next day :)