New Year Eve Celebration

Decided to get my sorry ass out of the house for a bit of new year countdown cheer… and boy am I glad I just that!

Met up with Cheryl, Shafik, Anna and Su at Harborfront Center for dinner at Breeks. The food was great, and we were served by a great waitress whom are so eager to make sure we are happy. We joked, laughed and generally being happy with each other.

It has been a long time since I last felt such… contentment.

Yes, contentment would be the right word. Being with some friends whom expect nothing else from you than your company, over simple acts like good and drinks.

And then I spotted Joakim Gomez! I was like turning to the group and asked if whom I saw was Joakim, and someone called out my name. I looked up and saw Nathaniel!

Gosh, he sure looks very different now. I still can’t believe how much has changed since the days when we shared that bowl of salad at Burger King. Nat came up to me and said hi. I asked him what he is doing there. Apparent the four of them were involved in the Vivocity Countdown (which I attended after dinner), and they were just out getting a bite. The four of them – Nathaniel Ho, Elvinn Ng, Darren Tan and Joakim Gomez – sure set the restaurant on fire. Furtive glances from the patrons, giggles from the waiting staff, excited squeals from my table (not me, of course!)…

… ah, the perks of being a celebrity!

After the leisurely dinner, we strolled over to the concert venue, only to discover queues were formed at the entrance. Apparently the venue is full, and everyone was treated on a first come, first served basis. We are annoyed, of course, but we still waited for about an hour in line, when they finally allowed those who are okay with standing at the mosh pit.

But we have other plans. Once we got into the venue, we made a quick u-turn, and went up the amphitheatre, where Shanns and family have been saving seats for us. There were lots of seats left, I don’t understand why they don’t let people enter!

By then the time was about 11 p.m., and the show got started! It was a spectacular show, dotted with celebrities and all… and I do think they did better this year than the last one. Here are some photos from the concert last night:

Dinner @ Breeks, HarborFront Centre

One for the group!

NYE Countdown Concert

One for the group!

NYE Countdown Concert

NYE Countdown Concert

NYE Countdown Concert

And here’s a video of the actual countdown!

Full set of photos here on Flickr. More videos to be uploaded later on.

The concert dwindled to an end at about 1 a.m., after which Cheryl decided to take a long walk back to Harborfront Centre for her milo ice. Pffft…. by the time we joined the taxi queue, it was already one in the morning. I was half hearted if I should head down to the club to find my friends, since I was carrying a large shopping bag (oh, we went to an Esprit shop before the concert and I bought for myself a most gorgeous bag).

But I was telling myself, com’on, it is the new year, let’s ring in 2008 with some drinks and dances.

So I bid farewell to Cheryl and Shafik, and made my way to find my friends for a bit of clubbing, only to return home at 5 plus in the morning. It was quite a night, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Hope you guys had a great new year countdown too!

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