Sydney Day 5

In my (lost) post yesterday, I lost my camera on the bus that I took from Taronga Zoo back to Queen Victoria Building. The digicam, my first ever purchase of that high price for myself, has been with me through many trips and contains hundreds of photos and video clips from my Sydney trip.

So you can imagine how devastated I was when I discovered it missing late yesterday evening. I got a number to call from the Sydney Infoline and can only call them the next morning.

I wasn’t holding out hope for it. I mean, how often do you lose something in the public and found it again? Add on the fact that it is something expensive and in a foreign country, I have a better chance striking the lottery.

I am incredibly lucky. Very, very lucky. Some good soul who was cleaning the bus yesterday found my little velvet pouch with my Mini Olympus and returned it to the Lost and Found office of Sydney Transit. I was halfway leaving a voice mail on the phone when a man picked up the phone, reconfirm the details and told me that, yes, the camera has been found.

I was way beyond delighted. After a quick dim sum lunch at East Ocean restaurant (I just have to have those egg tarts again), I took a cab down to Neutral Bay where the Sydney Transit office is. After a bit of looking around I found the office, and the nice officer handed over my beloved camera with a smile and said, “You are incredibly lucky”

Yes I am, I told him, I thought I will never see my camera again.

(Remind me to write a thank you note to those good people)

After that I took a bus back to town, and then took the Metro Line and then Light Rail to go to the Sydney Fish Market. Located right at a harbour, the whole place stank like any fisheries should, but still maintained some class with their eateries and picnic tables by the seaside. The food was alright, something to be expected, but the many hunting birds can be pretty unnerving.

Then I took the train to the Central Station, and found out how to travel to Kings Cross. Reached the place at late afternoon. Despite the name of the place, the actual action actually happen on Darlinghurst Street and not Kings Cross Street. The place is dotted with sex shops, strip joints, little cafes and night clubs. Very seedy indeed. But since I visited the place in broad daylight I hardly see anything.

(Why do I have to visit red light districts in the daytime? I did the same when I was in Amsterdam!!)

Had a 30 minute foot reflexology (it felt “too safe” as the therapist wore a pair of latex glove – yuck) and then a cup of coffee. Then I…. *censored

Hee… then headed back to town and had dinner with Bart. Gosh, my very last dinner in Sydney!

Tomorrow is the day I leaving this city. I will definitely going to miss the buzz, the weather, the lifestyle.

I hope to return (for good) one day.

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