Sydney Day 4

I lost my fucking camera. And I lost my entire bloody post on today.

This is soooo not my freaking day. I am so upset I could eat supper.

Not a bad idea, actually.

Notes after this section are written about a month after the trip, as only then I have the time to sort through my travel log and photos and record my wonderful Sydney trip properly

(The following entry was written at a tree top cafe at Taronga Zoo, from where I get to see Sydney Harbour. Just a note)

Rocks Market

So this morning I went to The Rocks Market – an ecceltic mix of Australian goods (soaps, nuts, crystal balls etc) and typical touristy stuff – though the boomerangs and aboriginic wind piper looked tantalising enough. I did but this hanging deco consisting of spiralled wire and crystal ball.

Until I realised that most likely I can’t bring it up the plane, and I can’t check in my luggage (due to some reasons I’ll explain later). Gah!

The La Razzo Cafe, right outside The Rocks Market,
where I had my late breakfast

The breakfast that I had. I simply love the food in Australia
It must be the weather!

My latte and faithful book that accompanied me everywhere.
A good book is important for a lone ranger holiday

The Rocks Market, where I spent a good two hours at.
The market only sprung up during the weekend

The crystal deco that I bought and can’t bring home!
So I give it to bart as a gift – and of course he didn’t know the real reason, haha!

One of the few interesting artwork dotting around the market

Okay, a random pic – Sydney Arts Museum
I was on my way back to the harbour

Next destination was Taronga Zoo, a chilling and occassionaly wet 12-minutes ride from Circular Quay. My visit coincides with the zoo’s 90th birthday! Rushed to have my picture taken with the koala (finally! been wanting that for ages!) and get to see the creature really upclose.

Now where’s my kangaroo?

The ferry which will bring me to the zoo!

Yeah! But this is not the stop that I should alight at
Why are the wharves in Sydney so confusing?

I have arrived at the right wharf! Rule of thumb – just follow the crowd

At the entrance of the zoo!

The Koala! My dream has come true! So cute!
(And now I remembered someone said I look like a koala bear :S

The seal show. Pretty nice – but I guess it is standard zoo stuff

The gorillas! Look at the size of that backside! Haha…
Imagine these to be 100x the size, you’ll get King Kong

I can’t remember the name of this house, but it is educational
for the kids. Like this place – and it is really creative of the zoo to build such
house to educate the kids on common animals. Spent most of my time here

The kangaroos! Another dream fulfilled!
They are not as big as I thought though…

At the tree top cafe where I had a cuppa and wrote this entry

(Now here’s a detailed explanation what happened after my zoo trip, which kind of like “scarred” my entire holiday in Sydney.

The zoo was closing at 5, and the sky was black with rain clouds. I rushed out of the zoo so that I will be in time for the ferry and hoped for a less-choppy ride back to Circular Quay. I saw some buses lined up the front of the zoo and thinking that it was the same shuttle I took from the terminal to the zoo, I hopped on.

To my dismay I realise I have actually boarded an actual Sydney public bus. Now those who knows me will know I don’t take buses. No, I am not that atas that buses are beneath me, but I am simply hopeless when it comes to bus directions and numbers.

The ride was extremely long, and it took past many Sudney surburbs. I was worried as I do not know where I was heading. I caught the occasional glimpse of the sea as my direction, and I thought I was heading to the city direction.

Sighing to myself, I took out my camera and look at the photos and video clips. It cheered me up, and suddenly when I looked up I realised we are back in Sydney downtown! The bus stopped somewhere near the Queen Victoria Building, and it was its last stop. Everyone got off then, so I took my bag and got off too.

The weather was nice and chilly, so I took a stroll around the area, and I ended up at Martin Square. The buildings here are very nice, and I thought I must take some photos of them.

It was then I realised, to my horror, that my beloved camera is no longer in my bag!

I was searching frantically for it – I literally turned it inside out in a McCafe to make sure that I didn’t overlooked it. To my dismay, it was really not there. I panicked and my heart clenched in pain. Not only the camera is my beloved possession, it also contained 4 days worth of photos and memories of my trip.

I guess I must have somehow dropped the camera in the public bus in my excitement and relief getting off the bus in town. Somehow I got a number from Sydney Infoline to call the Sydney Transit, but I hope wasn’t high. Afterall, I can’t even remember the service number of the bus, not to mention the plate number.

My camera was gone :( )

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