Sydney Day 1

A quick note from the city down under.

Sydney is undoubtly the best city I have ever visited.

Arrived this morning at 6 a.m. Singapore time, and it has been a whirlwind of gourment meals, icon landmarks visit, meeting up online friends, pub hopping… I have visit Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay, King Cross, Oxford Street…

More to come tomorrow!

It is only 9.30 p.m. over here in Sydney, and I am almost a dead meat. Didn’t manage to catch a wink on the plane – some damn kids keep running up and down the aisle!

Kept a note pad of journal, and took quite a lot of photos. Hope to keep this up and get this trip documented.

Notes after this section are written about a month after the trip, as only then I have the time to sort through my travel log and photos and record my wonderful Sydney trip properly

On The Plane: KL to Sydney

This is what it is about! Never will I go for budget airlines again!

Perhaps it was after the endless flights of miserable food that you actually have to pay for, and of flightts so short you barely have to to stir your coffee.

Let’s see… first they served me a packaget of peanuts with orange juice… after which I reequested for more… and at which point the stewardedess has to point out the stray peanut on my shirt. How embarassing!!

Then the feast begin! Raw fish (sashimim?), bun with butter, noodles with vege and fish fillet, orange and wine and coffee.

And my swoop of delight can only be described as distasteful when they served me the cream of the crop of all inflight food.

Magnum ice cream!!!. Served miles in the air!

Morsels like this make me want to swear off budget airlines!

Glorious, glorious Sydney!

It is uncanny that I’m now sitting at Portbello’s Cafe having my first lunch, which costed me a whopping A$27, in full view of the Sydney Opera House.

The main signboard at Circular Quay

This is my first lunch in Sydney! Bloody tasty, I must add. Must be the weather

My view during lunch. Don’t you think this is heavenly?

Uncanny, because I watched “Finding Nemo” on the plane, and the setting of the cartoon was… Sydney. And I saw plenty of “Mike! Mike!”

(In case if you are wondering if I have went nuts, that is actually the hunger cry of some white birds alien to me)

I simply love the weather. Did I say that? Let me say that again. I simply, simply love the weather.

Cab was bloody expensive! My first cab driver was a very chatty Chinese (and throughout the trip I realised ALL my cab drivers are Asian).

Sydneysiders, I realised, loved to sun bask during their lunch time, sitting in parks having a picnic or sipping coffee at the harbour.

I can feel that this is going to be a great place to be live in!

At the Sydney Opera House. Some Japanese lady helped me took this photo :P

At The Top of Sydney

I spent a good hour looking for the Bridge Climb and The Pylon at The Rock. This part of Sydney, supposed the origin of this city, is a pleasant mix of the old and new, the conservative and the liberal, the fresh and the stale. Of all parts of Sydney that I have visited, I like this the best.

The entrance to The Rock

Some random old but beautiful building at The Rock

Some bar I came across during my journey. I was only 4 p.m. but people are already having a merry time, sipping beer!

One of the oldest shopping arcade in Sydney. I took a dump here ;)

Anyway, I am writing this at the top of the “vantage point” of Sydney at The Pylon. The view was breathtaking. I have actually managed to take a video of a HUGE cruise ship sailing into the Sydney Harbour, complete with hundreds of semi naked tourist onboard… but somehow I have misplaced the clip. Gah!

This is the Harbour Bridge – the one you will trek up if you take on Bridge Climb

If you look closely, you’ll see some of the bridge climbers.

The Bridge Climb, of course, was the thing to go for for a skyscraper view of the city. But it was way too expensive for an ardeous climb up the Harbour Bridge. Despite the fact that if I have done that, I will be among the ranks of Nicole Kidman, Brandon Fraser, Pierce Brosnan…

I think I just detected some Singlish in the air. Argh! Can’t get away from the little Merlion people, can I? Haha…

The actual entrance to the Bridge Climb

I think this is the Suzannah House at The Rock – nice!

This is the Chinatown, where I had my dinner. More on this place in another post!

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