An Evening With Taufik

The night was a showcase of suaveness, talent, and chaos.

Yes, chaos.

It started with a frantic phone call from Kak Leza about Taufik’s jacket. Since I was around at the Kallang Theatre, I went backstage (obtained a crew pass from Sony BMG on the way *grinz*), met Taufik in his dressing room and got his 2-inches-too-large blazer.

Then I rushed down to Zara at Ngee Ann City with Shafik to exchange the blazer.

And then Lina send me a frantic SMS: “Not enough white paper!”.

Luckily I got Shafik with me. My cab turn round and round Ngee Ann (and the taxi meter keep ticking up and up) while he run up to somewhere to get 4 large rolls of mahjong paper.

Rushing back to Kallang Theatre, I met the whole gang of people – BMG staff, Taufik, his Bonafide gang and the rest. Luckily his blazer fits!

With a heave of relief, I headed back to the foyer for another two hours of frantic placard-making and fans-autographing before the final showcase.

Taufik did an awesome job. A review of the performance will be more suited for his official site, but sufficient to say they are plenty of good reasons why he is the man to be, choosen by millions of Singaporeans.

I cheered, whooped, clapped and screamed with the rest. Hey, glammed up as I was, I still want to have fun with my gang, ok!

After the showcase, I was ushered into the VIP reception *smug-face* where I get to meet Taufik’s extended family. Now I know where he got his long eye-lashes from!

The long queue of fans who won the meet-and-greet passes was formidable, and it was not until half pass ten when I finally get my turn with Taufik.

I gave him the 13 huge placards bearing his names and autographs from fans. Took a shot with him (he signaled my blazer was cool earlier on, hehe), and then I took off my blazer and asked him to wear it! A tad too big, but Taufik, the Idol as he is, is just a guy next door who has fame in his hand right now.

Thanks lots, man. And if you are reading this, read my lips: “YOU ROCK!

An Evening With Taufik
My sidekick for the night, Shafik

An Evening With Taufik
Taufik & I, right at the end of all things

An Evening With Taufik
Taufik wearing my jacket! *LOL*

More pics from the night in the Gallery

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