Skinny Legged Lion in Drag

Have you ever wonder why the heavily sequinned and colourfully painted Chinese lion dance are called, well, lion?

First of all, real lions don’t have horn. These Chinese ones spot oneon top of their head. Maybe they are cross-bred between a unicorn and a lion. Secondly, I am pretty sure real lion doesn’t use mascara. Look at those elaborate, long eye lashes! Even if they do, what lions will apply white mascara and risked looking like Saruman dragging in sequined costume?

Anyway. I am raving. Have not been able to sleep for the past 72 hours. Goodness know why. Have to resort to see doctors and get sleeping pills. Guess after this I will just pop it and sleep.

Some photos for today, lion included. With skinny legs, I must add. Plus a “backside” than keep flipping the skirt up for air.

Lion Dance
The most masculine post I can find for this lion(ess)

Lion Dance
Giving the term “self gratifaction” a whole new meaning

My Lunch
As disgusting as my lunch looks, it was absolutely delicious
And thank goodness I had this before meeting the lion

Ain't that straight
Senseless shot. My PC full of these kind of photos

Office Tower
My office tower. I mean, as in not mine, but where my
office is located at. And, nope, I’m not with Manulife.

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