I, Confused Zombie

Last night I didn’t managed to catch much sleep. In fact I doubt I slept at all. Deep sleep that is. I remember at 3 in the morning I am still awake, and I am up from my bed by 6. Didn’t straight away go to work though – spend some time replying to an email from the blog designer I hired on Chris’ webby.

So I thought it will be a dead but walking zombie for the rest of the day (so much for setting examples for staff to follow)

I was pretty much in a stupor at work today, but surprisingly I was pretty productive. Pulled out several outstanding tasks, and made some head way in planning some strategy for my team.

I was feeling pretty alright when I was on my way to my first class at MDIS Bugis. Print Media. I dread going for class. But it is the first class – I gotta go and get my study book (it has a strange habit of getting out of stock very fast), and I couldn’t really excuse myself from anymore classes now I am taking only one class per sem.

On the way to class, I noticed that the new NLB building is almost up. Look pretty majestic. Singaporeans’ tax dollar hard at work.

Surprisingly my class was very entertaining. Credit goes to the amusing lecturer in a self depreciating way. Although I was very much stoned, I still able to learn some stuff from the mess of his endless jokes. Man, that man is a nutter. From making crude jokes of himself, tsunami hitting Sentosa Cove, cat/dog/mouse walk, the totally irrelevant link between ZhaoBao and WanBao and Cha Siew Bao… but he is hitting home.

I guess I might just enjoy my classes for one. =)

And I am in for a surprise! Remember Nathaniel Ho from Singapore Idol top 30? He is in my class! He came late and the class was almost packed to the max, so he had to walk in front of the class to get a chair and find a seat… and I knew that some of us in class recognised him.

Nathaniel Ho

He looks MUCH better in real person. Suspiciously plucked eyebrow, sharp nose, delicate features… quite an eligible bachelor, I must say. Camera and TV don’t do him justice.

3 hours later, I am on my way home. I was very much asleep by then, but the NLB building attracted my attention again.

NLB by Night

And now here I am after 12 a.m. and I haven’t even started updating and sites. Think I’ll just upload the magazine scans and do it tomorrow.

So I am NOT a walking zombie afterall. But damn, I am tired!

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