Constantine, Kenny Rogers and Adidas

Went to watch Constantine today. Was meant to watch with a certain someone, but in the end….. anyway! Liping was sporting enough to be the standby, so we went to watch Keanu Reeves blasting his ways through demons, angels and lucifer. Highly comical. Vaguely entertaining. Unworthy of 4-stars. But Keanu, as usual, is cool. Try cursing with your middle finger when you are on your way to heaven *grin*

Dinner was a low key affair at Kenny Rogers (the alarming article on pandemic bird flu did cross my mind, but heck it).

This is Liping

Kenny Rogers
And this is my dinner (feel weird introducing a friend and then my food. hmmm…)

Liping wanted to buy a jersey for Gary *smirk* and ended up splurging a fortune on a blue Japan jersey I recommended! An agonizing half-an-hour later, few things I have learnt about shopping with women:

You get my drift? Oh, she is going to be soooo killing me. Oh, took lots of pictures too. I am such a cam-whore. Or maybe I am not, since I am not in the pics. Here are some pics of scenic Singapore.

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