Bachelor Grouses

One of the many life hazards being a bachelor is having to iron your own shirts everyday. Every Sunday, just being my pre-dinner shower, I will be strongly reminded to iron my shirts NOW by my whole line of unironed shirt, silently screaming for attention

Ironing Line

Don’t ask me why ironing is such a tough job. First, it is HOT. Second, it is tedious. Third, the amount of ironing need to be done, no matter when you do it, is humongous. I just HATE ironing

I Hare Ironing!

But the worst thing about ironing your own shirt is the abysmal end results! It look just slightly better than an unironed shirt. I am sure this is not only me but a curse bestowed on all bachelor guys. As I always said, leave the ironing to the ladies.

One day I will have my own Minah and I won’t touch the stupid iron anymore! No more sweaty, dismaying ironing! Yay to bachelor life!

P.S: Oh I ironed only one shirt. The pink one. Tomorrow is V-Day, see? Not that I have any dates to speak of…

P.S.S: Not looking for one, either. Unless you are absolutely gorgeous

P.S.S.S: Or absolutely rich. Or both

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