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Who says Singaporeans cant make a joke?

Downright cheeky, that is. Despite my oncoming fever, this blog got me laughing so bloody hard.


Suzanne: Ok thanks Paul. And that’s Paul Dekkers with the market report. I think we are coming close to the end of today’s edition of “ Wake Up Your Fucking Ideas Singaporeâ€?.
Richard: Oh my, how times fly. Anything to add Suzanne?
Suzanne: Nothing much. Just something that has been bugging me since I co-host this show with you.
Richard: And what will that be?
Suzanne: Why do you keep sitting with your legs so wide apart? They are almost 180 degrees spaced out.
Richard: What can I say. I’m very well endowed right down there.
Suzanne: Aiyoh, so naughty.

This blog going down my fav list!