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Sight of the evening sun

Sight of the evening sun

It had been a long time since I last left office and the sun is still shining. Half the city is in dusk, the other half… Noon?

And it had been a long time since I had dinner with Thet. It seems weird now he no longer has a motorbike. I miss speeding down the expressway with him

Its a long, long road

It's a long, long road

It’s a long long walk to the station. I thought of what happened for the past three weeks. Was it really my fault? Am I incapable of holding a relationship?

As one struggle to achieve a balance in his life, others moved on relentlessly. No one will really take notice.

Just like the traffic passing me now.

Everyone has a destination to go, a timeline to meet. Would you pause and wonder where the person in the white cab is going to? Or the lonely lady strolling along the road, deep in her own thoughts? Would someone care enough to pause and take the time to care?

Many are lost in their own pursuit of their life purpose. If seeing their own ends meet, they had become selfish. It is themselves first, and then their loved ones. Will human ever be totally selfless?

As I’m nearing my station, I know soon I’ll be just like one of them. I’m going home. And I hope when tomorrow comes, it will bring the miracle of love people used to have for one another. That’s so rare nowadays.