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The One With Christmas – Two Celebrations In A Row

Have you had a great Christmas? Mine was very, very memorable.

Christmas Eve was spent in the company of some dearest friends. Food galore! We had western, Indian and Japanese all on one table. Champagne was literally free flow. We had a good few hours of merriment before hitting the street to paint the town red. It has been a good few years since we had a gathering like this.


Second Christmas party, this time at my place. We hosted Ted’s friends for a night of eating, drinking and (yes) dancing. On hindsight I should have been a little light-handed in serving-tray-of-shots; we had rounds of whiskeys, vodkas and baileys. Not to mention champagne and wine. Food took second stage. And when Spice Girls hit the stereo, all hell broke loose.

I know I had it good when policemen came knocking. Now that’s what I call a good party!


(On a separate note, now I’m left with a house sparkling with glitter. Even the toilet. How did it get there?!?)

The One With Ten Christmas Things

And so the Christmas weekend came to an end. The festive season was especially festive this year in Hong Kong as temperature dipped repeatedly below the ten degrees mark.

You know, like being all Christmas-y.

And so yours truly, like many others around me, celebrated the joy that was Santa and his reindeers and would like to count his ten blessings.

#1 – Visited SEVVA

Hong Kong's sun set viewed at SEVVA's Terrace_mid

Great view, delicious cocktails and never-ending supply of snacks made it an exceptional evening, worthy of its own blog post. It was here where, in the course of catching up with an old friend, I realised what I stand for and what I want in the future. I’m sure the elevation (SEVVA was on the 25th floor) and copious amount of cocktails helped.

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Christmas is in the air

Christmas in Hong Kong

This is the season of jolly giving, fa la la la la la…

Being in Hong Kong as the city prepares itself for the Christmas season is like watching an old damn putting up her glitziest jewelery for that one final ball. Nothing but the best for her guests.

I am glad that I will be in Hong Kong for the festive period, although probably I will be seeing snow in Europe right before that.

And if you are wondering what I would like, I would really love one of these. Or better still, engage them for me.

I don’t mind being in the queue.