Time of the month

It was tale retold to me. The funny shits happen over email.

Mr. Write will email Mr. Specy every month for a list of candidates they want to feature in one of our newsletters. So in one of those routine emails, the following conversation took place:

Mr. Write: Mr. Specy, it’s time of the month again.

Mr. Specy: Sure. You are more punctual than menses

Mr. Write: Yeah. And you are more helpful than a sanitary pad.

God, I couldn’t stop laughing over lunch. What’s wrong with guys nowadays, with pads and menses?

NKF Saga

I am disgusted. Going to end my GIRO donation.

Sign it


It’s Brownster Day!

Have you heard?

Today is Mr. Brown’s birthday!

The grandfather of all blog is a Cancerian, like Mua! Hahaha….

Happy birthday, Mr. Brown. Many, many happy returns. May you live prosperously ever after!

Why Do You Work So Hard?

This is one of the more thought-provoking I had recently. Made me rethink of what I am doing with my life. The begining paragraph was very “profound” to me.

Is it maybe time to quit your safe job and follow your path and infuriate the establishment?

Work hard and the world respects you. Work hard and you can have anything you want. Work really extra super hard and do nothing else but work and ignore your family and spend 14 hours a day at the office and make 300 grand a year that you never have time to spend, sublimate your soul to the corporate machine and enjoy a profound drinking problem and sporadic impotence and a nice 8BR mini-mansion you never spend any time in, and you and your shiny BMW 740i will get into heaven”

Full article here

I remember reading a comic strip that sounds like this:
“You are doing nothing with your life!”
“You are just jealous I have a life with nothing to do with”

Makes you think, doesn’t it? As Cowboy Caleb has done, I am taking a reality check, too.

Nice feeling on a Sunday afternoon

Sinking into the couch, I realized what a nice feeling it was to be “holed up” at home.

It was raining outside, and the afternoon was one of gentle raindrops and cooling breeze. Nice ole jazz music was playing softly in the background.

Here I was, lying on the couch. Dinner was cooked and served on the coffee table next to me. My (another) chick lit in my hand, transporting me to a delightful tale in France and back.

I put down my book and thought, hey, this is a nice feeling!

Until I remembered the undone project on my table.

Bah. So I put down my book and sleep.

Hee hee. Naughty me.

Little Rascals

It was a familar sight around my flat.

Three kids running and playing around. Two will inevitably topless – one a girl. The third boy will always be on a bike.

Today I have the fortune to bump into them on my way back from buying lunch.

One of them has the cheek to screeched loudly: “Haaaiiiii uncle…”

I felt like snapping back: “I am fucking 26 years old, thank you”

But I smiled back at them, and got three sunny smiles back.

Adorable little bastards.

Ramblings Before 9

Water dripped onto my keyboard. I wiped it away.

I looked at the clock. Almost 9 p.m. Sam should be here soon.

Took another gulp of beer. Chill out music is still blaring from the living room.

Am I being too loud for my neighbour?

Suddenly I realized, I don’t care.

Not until 11 p.m., anyway.

Screw you if you think I am inconsideration, loud-talking and spitting neighbours!

Took another gulp of beer.

Actually topic of today is “Why deadlines never end?”

My fingers paused above the keyboard. Maybe I don’t know anymore.

Not quite, anyway.

It’s 9.

Growing with Friends

When I started renting FRIENDS from HollywoodClicks.com sometime back, I have never imagine that I will be so glued to the TV series. Yeah, many of my friends were gushing about Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey all the time, but I just couldn’t under what all the fuss was about at that time.

Fast forward six months later, I was crying with happiness when Friends draw a close after 10 years running.

10 years. 10 freaking years. Can you imagine the size of commitment, creativity and fans support that go with that?

“This half-hour comedy started with six twenty-something friends who face life and love in New York.”

Yup… I was very inspired to have a bachelor pad on my own because of Friends. Look at them, and me. I am just about their age, striking in the city, and all we want are just the company of good friends and a cup or good coffee.

Alright, I won’t gush about Friends. But if you have not catch the show, do. If you want to borrow Season 9 and 10 on VCD, drop me a line.

And to those who did, I understand now. I am finally a Friend’s proud 10-seasons graduate.

Damn proud of it!

Here are some interesting sites on Friends. Anymore to recommend?

Site dedicated to Ross & Rachel
Comprehensive site on Friends
The “original” Friends site

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Tiring nights…

It had been many days since I last updated.

Work has been absolutely crazy – I can’t even remember the last time I left office before 8 p.m. Piles of change requests, missing/scattered data to be consolidated, testings, presentation… you would have thought I am an IT person, or a programmer.

But I am not. I mean, the only IT-ish thing I ever do is to bold, italics, slash and underline texts. Of course, and blogging as well.

But this is coming to an end. A new era is dawning for my team. I am terribly excited and yet daunted by the new idea, and it’s expectations.

All the best, me. Hope I will do well! Good luck! ;)


Happy 26th Birthday, Me!

Eve of 26th Birthday!

Happy 26th Birthday!

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