Load of the Rings

Dedicated to all LOTR fans out there. This is one of the funniest shit spoofs I have ever seen on the trilogy.

I can’t really understand the Hokkien though (or whatever dialect that is). Click play to start, or right click here to download the clip

Updated: Wow, didn’t realise that this video is gonna be so popular. To avoid running out of bandwidth (better not risk it), I hosted the clip on my other less active site.

The Stupidity Factor

This morning I woke up with a slightly, unnaturally stiff shoulder. Drenching myself under hot shower, I twisted my arms at a slightly unnaturally angle to massage my sore neck and shoulders.

I should have known bad things happen when you add something slightly unnatural to another similar. I walked out of the bathroom, grimacing with pain from a sprained neck.

Bloody hell.

So there I was retelling my sorry take take to my guys. Jude Ryan was obviously oblivious to the danger of failing his probation* when he remarked that what I did was a classic case of “stupidity factor”

I was blushing like a setting sun while the guys snigger away happily, taking a cheap pot shot at their boss.

Just while I was “doing my business” in the toilet, a thought suddenly struck me. If my stupidity factor is high, it must mean that, at other times, I am a pretty smart person. Otherwise, I would have ended up at Woodbridge.

Look who is having his last laugh here!

*I’m just joking!

Graduating into Adulthood

Arguably, the most adult thing I ever done in my life is to move out and stay on my own. Despite the fact that I have been staying in hostel for 4 years, and then moved in with a housemate for close to 2 years, I have never really felt I’m entirely on my own.

There is just something rebellious in taking the leap to look for a new place, found one, seal the deal and start packing up. I am excited and nervous at the same time.

I’m excited because:

- I have the whole house to myself. Let’s see – a “walk-in” wardrobe, a bedroom, a library corner…
- I can do anything I want, anywhere. I can play mahjong in the utility room (not that I really know how to), eat dinner on the floor….
- I can now spread my stuff all over the place, instead of cramming all them into one room
- I have two TV sets instead of one (not that I watch that much of TV, unless it is some Idol shows)

However, my new found independence can also be pretty unnerving:

- If the bills went unpaid, it is my own bloody fault
- If the washing machine broke, it is my own bloody fault
- If the toilet is dirty, it is my own bloody fault
- If the window was left open and it rains, it is my own bloody fault

You get the picture.

But there is no denying the excitement of having your own bachelor’s pad. When things go wrong, it is my own fault. I can’t blame it on housemate anyone, anymore. But when things go well, it is my own doing, too. Nobody can take that away from me.

Fact is, whether things go right or wrong depend entirely on me.

Me. Myself. I. Yours truly.

I am finally an adult.


One stormy Saturday in Toa Payoh, I found myself sipping wine with two of the most beautiful people in Singapore the area, in the most unlikely place – PastaMania

Dora & I

The Gallery

The night when I am troubled

I was at a meeting at Sheraton Towers with two old timers. They were blabering on about “those were the days” back in Paris and Hong Kong. At least, that is what I thought they were talking about. Coupled with a glass of white wine and their heavy accent, I might have been looking like a fool nodding and smiling at the bar.

The time striked 7.30 p.m., and I couldn’t take it anymore. I excused myself with classes, and off I went hurrying to Newton station to catch the train. Visions of an early night after an hour of massage from my user masseur filled my mind. But little did I know things will change after I send Jude a message

Me: The thrill of having a meeting in a hotel. Wine and snacks aplenty

Jude: Bloody hell. Enjoying yourself on company expenses!

Me: Nah, it was on the supplier’s expenses. I am on my way home now

Jude: Want to meet for a beer and dinner?

Me: Where the hell are you now? I am near AMK station

Jude: My bus just passed AMK. Are you in a cab?

Me: I am in train. Meet me at the train station.

One thing led to another, we ended at Chomp Chomp. For the life of me, I have never been there although I have been staying in the area for close to two years. It seems only fitting that I finally found out the sneaky trails from my block to Serangoon Central during my last week here before moving to Toa Payoh.

Over the course of dinner and many drinks, Jude and I shared many things. I realise I have been telling him loads of things – things which I never meant to actually share with anyone, and things which I thought better left unexplained.


Ryan joined us after his rendevous with girlfriend. Insisted not to drink more than a glass (I think he drank at least 1.5, that bastard). Conversations were getting slurry, and then something hit me hard in the head

Me: Do you think I am stressed?

Jude: Everyone can see you are troubled!

Ryan: Don’t think too much boss…

Me: (Perplexed) But I am pretty sure I am not stressed?

Or am I? Over the course of the past few weeks, I had been desperately seeking a balance in my daily life. Gym, work, even dating… but nothing can put that fire back in me to enjoy life to the fullest.

Despite what I told people around me on life-living, it is easier said than done.

“Never take life too seriously. No one ever get out of it alive, anyway”

How… prophetic. Sometimes I think I know myself so well… yet other time I think I am just wearing a mask showing people that I am alright, that things are grand.

Sometimes I look at myself and got a scare that I no longer know this person who is so confident yet seems to be crumbling inside.

I think I am losing it. But I ain’t sure. At the meantime, life took the liberty to turn its wheel regardless if I am in for the ride.

I guess, at this juncture of my life, I am a reluctant passenger in the passage of time.

Are you a blogger?

(This post is inspried from Finicky Feline)

I have been wrestling with this exact thought lately – why do I blog? Or more generally, why do people blog?

If you browse through my recent postings, you’ll notice that I talk mostly about my daily life. What happened to me, the stuff I do… and once in a blue moon, I will write my own musings.

But compared to other more famous bloggers, my blogging habits are, naturally, less appealing to the general public.

I mean – do people really want to know about my own life? Should I try to blog on current affairs, have so many links in my blog post, to engage more readers? (And earn some advertising molars in the process?)

Maybe that explains why my hit meters are running low at the moment. And I swear, had I not done up Taufik’s blog, I guess I might not have any visitors at all.

Maybe I should also takes lots of photos and photoshop-ed it and post it up (like someone famous), and put it here.

But I am not as *pretty* as her, admitedly.


Busy Bee

I have been extremely busy.

But then again, I think “busy” is such a negative, corporate-y word. When someone says he is busy, the image of him tapping incessently on his PC, running from one meeting to the next, consistently jabbering into his PDA phone…

“Oh, I can’t make it for dinner tonight, I’m so busy

“Damn, I’m so busy I can hardly breath”

“How are things?” “Ah… busy as usual, you know”

Argh, the mere thought of being busy with work makes me want to throw up. Why one cannot be busy about living life?

Yeah, I have been busy with life. Busy in a good, positive way. Not necessarily productive though… *snap* I shouldn’t have said that!

Anyway, I have been…

- going to gym early in the morning
- packing up getting ready to move to my new place
- getting the new place ready for me to move in
- male-bonding session with my colleagues (read: getting wasted)
- errr, yeah, and dating

So, yeah, been pretty busy. Hence the lack of blog update. And I am off to get wasted again…

Happy Weekend!

A Date @ Clark Quay

Cool jazz music…

Strolling samba musicians..

Cheering hooter gals…

Elegant Thai dinner…

Splashing river waves…

You are everything I thought you will be. Unsettlingly familiar, yet excitingly unfamiliar. Strange as it may sound, but I think my hunch is right.

That you are my missing piece. May I find out more?

A Date @ Clark Quay

A Date @ Clark Quay

A Date @ Clark Quay

I almost hyperventilated…

“Hi Razlan,

I hope I got the right email address! I’m a journalist with Digital Life, The Straits Times. I was hoping I could feature you in DL cos I seem to see your name everywhere on the Internet! are you the same person who set up the fan site for Christopher Lee and posts on tomorrow.sg? I’d like to do a feature on you and how you came to set up these sites and your active involvement in the Singapore blogging scene. Would you be free for an interview sometime next week?

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!”

Wow, am I that public nowadays? Gosh!

Guess the Cup Size

Guess the Cup Size

Click here for the answer!

Wow! I have never imagined THAT!