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The One With Island East Markets

Island East Market

For the next three Sundays, the office district of Quarry Bay will turn into an enjoyable heaven of organic produce stalls and nick-knacks from local businesses. Eager to be a part of the action, I went down bright and early to Island East Markets on their first Sunday.

Island East Market

Over forty stalls dotted the area with colourful produce and crafts. Who would have thought organic vegetables can be this pretty? The farmers must have lugged their goods all the way from New Territories very early the morning; the cucumbers, spinach, lettuces, even bananas were looking good! The din was amicable as local farmers chatted with curious onlookers over the finer points of organic farming, while new visitors continue to stream in from Quarry Bay station.

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The One With Frites Belgium On Tap – Mussels Me Please

It was said that beer is to the Belgians as wine is to the French. If it was true, then Frites Belgium On Tap paid homage to that tradition as good as your favorite French winery. Minus the snobbery.


I could do without the huge declaration of 10% service charge though.

It was weekday night when I visited the branch at Quarry Bay for some beer and good old mussels. Have you heard that I love shell fish of all kinds? No? Now you know.


How dedicated were the Belgians to beer? At Frites, they have a beer bible, and prayers dedicated to beer. Heads were definitely bowing (probably due to pints consumed rather than subjugation) and incantations were shouted rather than murmured, it was a temple for beer worship, alright.

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