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The One With Tung Po – Local Chinese Hawker Experience

Few dining experience can be compared to one in a Hong Kong’s local hawker centre.

Imagine endless Chinese hawker stalls lining up the upper floor of a wet market (the smell itself is enough to make one gag – of the wet market, not the hawkers!), throngs of sedated diners observed jealously by patrons waiting to be seated, and dish after steaming dish seemingly conjured effortlessly from the kitchens.

Tung Po Chinese Hawker Centre

Tung Po (東寶小館) is one of those famous hawker stalls come highly recommended by my local friends. Since some of my best buddies from Singapore were in town, it seemed only fitting that we had a dinner right in the midst of a decidedly local experience.

But first, I must mention the unique way beer is consumed on this premise.

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