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The One With Brat – Purveyor Of Awesome Sausages

I have been to Brat once before with my previous better half last year. I remembered the occasion very well; we had an unsatisfactory lunch somewhere (I won’t name names), and the (previous) better half remember a TV program which showcases a great place for sausages at Soho.


We went in, I was impressed, and we walked out. For the life of me I don’t know why I never blogged about Brat before, but hey it is not too late!

Brat, lovingly known as the purveyor of awesome sausages, was just that. I am not a sausage aficionado per say, but even the amateur me recognised the high standard of sausages being served here. It was a set meal for us, so we ordered a Brat each. Gracing the table for the afternoon was Frank (with mustard, paprika and onion garlic) and Sun Dried Tomatoes Mozzarella (with just like its name sakes).


The Frank.

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The One With The Salted Pig – A Case Of Porky Persuasion

If you are as connected to the foodie world as I do, it would be hard to miss the latest buzz around town about The Salted Pig. Many tales were abound, but lips were smacked and keyboards went a-tapping with glowing reviews on their porky creations, so one fine night when my dear friend from London was in town, we went down to L Place to sample of the famed goodies ourselves!

The Salted Pig

Operated by the same folks who brought you Shore Restaurant (which, incidentally, I have not tried… yet), The Salted Pig was aglow with happiness. The moment I walked out of the lift, the usher gave me such a radiant smile that I couldn’t help beaming back. My (somewhat trained) eyes quickly clocked in the buzzing place; much bigger than expected, with simple wooden chairs and long communal tables. Blackboards and mirrors were used to great effect with rustic crockery hanging everywhere. The effect was an outdoor dining area at a friendly countryside, complete with catchy, happy music.

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The One With The Globe – Pies, Pies & More Pies

You know how they say that within two hours after your workout, your body is at its most absorbent, so it is the prime time for you to take supplements such as protein shake.

It is also the worst time for you to consume fatty things and empty calories… which happened to me one fine Sunday.

Sunday Lunch at The Globe

I couldn’t help it. It was the weekend before my annual Europe holiday, I was tired out from some physical and mental exercise at the gym (it was one of those days), so when Chris and Liren said they’ll be happy to have a Sunday beer, I jumped at the chance.

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The One With The Pride Of Krug

To say that the House of Krug are modest people will be an understatement.

But then again, they have every right to be proud of their bold heritage. I love champagne very much like any other person, but it wasn’t until a night of Krug tasting at Otto e Mezzo got my lips smacking in deep, new found appreciation for this liquid gold.

Krug Champagne Dinner at 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo

The champagnes of Krug is decidedly elitist; but in an elegant, tasteful way. The lineage is curated from some 250 plots of vine in France’s Champagne region (hence the name); a mere 0.1% of what is available.

Selection of the finest? Nose-up to the mediocre? If you had as much Krug as I did in one dinner, your guess will be as informed as mine.

Krug Champagne Dinner at 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo

My very first glass was a Krug Clos du Mesnil of the 1998 vintage. Conversations were rife with speculations of what makes this glass different. The others may taste wonderfully complex with full aroma, but a glass of Krug Clos du Mesnil possesses a singular intensity crafted to attack the senses. As I took a deep sip, I was pleasantly stunned on how sharp it played on my palate, rising above a sea of other tastes with a distinct freshness.

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The One With Green Waffle Diner – Chicken Me Not

It does seems like I have a craze for American-style diners recently. Okay, technically the Happy Valley Classified is no diner, just feel like one, but the one at Jerry’s is definitely a diner.

But truth to be told, I was at Green Waffle Diner recently because… just because. I was in the area, and we needed dinner which while doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket, will give us a satisfactory food for the hot, humid night. After missing out one gathering of #HKSocialButterflies (hi guys!) here, finally I got my hand on its signature dish.

Fried Chicken & Waffles (HK$82)

Green Waffle Diner

At last! I first heard about this odd-sounding dish on Twitter (hi Greg!) and have been itching to try this out. Two deep-fried chicken drumsticks served with a full waffle and a healthy portion of homefries. The chicken was surprisingly dry; it almost felt like it was refried or reheated. It was surprising because from the look (and smell!) of it, they do appear to be good. The skin is, of course, delicious, but that’s wholly missing the point, right?

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The One With Nico’s Spuntino Bar + Restaurant – New Kid On The Italian Block

It was a yet another sizzling summer night in Hong Kong. As I made my way up the never ending escalator in Central, it was hard to be excited about an Italian meal which was on the card for dinner. I mean, isn’t Italian all about dishes of which its name you can’t pronounce, of food too complicated to even describe, and of chefs too snobbish for their own good?

Nico's Spuntino Bar + Restaurant

So imagine my surprise when I stepped into Nico’s Spuntino Bar + Restaurant. It was located right where the old Fat Angelo’s was. Although it was only 7 p.m., the restaurant was filling up fast.

To my eyes, Nico’s was anything but pretentious. The first spuntino (which means “snack”) bar in town, even the name itself was a breathe of fresh air. Why give yourself complicated Italian name no one would remember nor understand? True, the menu itself was still a puzzle to read, but the best of food is not in its name but, of course, the food itself.

And on that philosophical note, here’s my top six pick from Nico’s.

Caciocavallo Silano in Carroza (HK$98)

Nico's Spuntino Bar + Restaurant

Crispy-fried, fresh cow’s milk cheese, on a bed of fried leeks. It was possibly my first time having fried cheese, and it was oh-so-good. I was led to believe that it’s possible the best way to eat cheese is by having it deep fried. There’s something almost hypnotic as the contrasting rich flavor of cheese and crispy texture of the batter seem to battle it out in your mouth.

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The One With Sabah Malaysian Restaurant – Sambal, Murtabak & Other Strange Names

On retrospect, probably it isn’t the wisest to head down to Sabah Malaysian Cuisine for dinner right after a grueling workout at the gym. Afterall, your body is at its most “absorbent” (to nutrients, that is) within two hours after workout. I even had a dose of protein shake.

But a promise is a promise is a promise. Plus, I have had a great experience at its other branch at Jaffe Road. This new outlet at Sheung Wan intrigued me. Would the quality hold the same? So we settled down, loosen our belts, and ordered.

Sambal Telur

Sabah Malaysian Restaurant

Now, this was a work of genius. Incredibly fragrant sambal (a type of spicy sauce made from a variety of chilli peppers) cooked with a healthy dosage of onions and chillies and God knows what else, mixed with hard-boiled eggs cut in halves. At first bite it was incredibly spicy, so much so that my eyes watered, but as the rich flavour took over I chewed it slowly, relishing the magical herbs cooked within. It can be too much for the uninitiated, so I recommend you to eat slowly if you are a sambal virgin. Of course, we would need a specialty carbs dish to go with sambal, so we looked at the Indian options available, and our eyes fall on…

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The One With Brickhouse – Badass Mexican Food

I thought I had it down pat with Mexican food after the last culinary foray into the sleepy town of Sai Ying Pun. Being able to articulate the differences between a taco and a burrito (it’s not difficult), I thought I was it.

Then come along Brickhouse and everything I know was thrown out of the window.

I could reminisce about the adventure of finding the joint; mischievously tucked in a back lane guarded by a built-in-bouncer of a Chinese uncle selling cheap purses, right in the heart of the heaving mess that was Lan Kwai Fong. Google Map was of no use to pinpoint its exact location; hint – it is located where the famous Fa Zu Jie is.

Saturday Night Out at Brickhouse

Salsa & Chips.

I could gush enthusiastically about the infectious vibe of the jolly hearted patrons and the truly hospitable wait staff, who made our almost two-hour wait for a table decidedly a social event on its own. We sang, we laughed and we had a few drinks (it’s Mraz, geddit?).

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Pick Of The Week: The One With Angel’s Share

Ever wondered what angels have to do with whisky? Drop by to Angel’s Share, arguably the poshest whisky bar in town, and you just might find out.

Angel's Share

In the ancient times whisky masters were baffled for the annual two percent loss of whisky as the barrel matured. It was assumed that angels were responsible for it; hence the term angel’s share.

Angel's Share

While you may not find tipsy angels flying into each other at Angel’s Share, what you’ll take delight in would be the sleek and sultry interior of the bar, complete with authentic oak floors, velvety sofas and more than a touch of rockin’ vibe. Truly an altar dedicated to the enjoyment of the liquid gold.

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The One With Sake Bar GINN – Hong Kong Dedicated Sake Bar

Founder Ayuchi Momose was proud to inform us that Sake Bar GINN is the first genuine bar in Hong Kong dedicated only to the fermented rice wine.

Sake Bar GINN

The sake selection available, mind boggling to the novice and da God-sent for diehard fans, were imported directly from Japanese breweries and not available elsewhere in Hong Kong.

Sake Bar GINN

Sake Bar GINN is more like a bar than a restaurant, so be prepared to be overwhelmed by its selection of about 100 different kinds of sakes, rather than its tapa style menu to go with the sake.

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