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The One With He Jiang – A Tale Of Two Rivers

If I can only use one word to describe He Jiang – a new discovery thanks to my baby project RedeeME – it would have been “understated“.

One glance from the outside of Cosmopolitan Hotel, where it was situated at, things do no look very promising. It was only after you cross its treshold that you realised, really, one should not judge a restaurant by its exterior alone. With its floor-to-ceiling windows all along one side, He Jiang is an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay.

He Jiang

He Jiang brings together cuisines of Huaiyang and Sichuan, hence its name “He” meaning “together” and “Jiang” meaning “delta”. A tale of two rivers indeed. I am no fan of Sichuan food – I blame it to a lifetime adversity towards overly spicy food – but that was about to change.

He Jiang

So serious was their dedication to remain faithful to their food heritage, the kitchen of He Jiang was helmed by natives of both provinces to recreate the tastes of home and give it a modern twist.

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The One With Hakata Ippudo Ramen – Japanese Spirit Overload

Hong Kong people do tend to overdo things sometimes.

You know how they always greet you when you enter a pharmacy store (oh yes, hi), ask you to feel free to look around (no, I will only sneakily do so), and do you want to try this lip balm for $20 more (why, my chaffed lips thank you). The relentless, automated chatters annoy me to no end, and it was the same when I visited Hakata Ippudo Ramen recently.

Hakata Ippudo Ramen

But IPPUDO took it to another level. The staff, already decked out in full force Japanese (ramen operator) gear, were shouting to each other in nonsensical Japanese throughout dinner. One new customer walk in and then the whole chorus begin, from one end of the restaurant to the other, right into the kitchen.

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The One With Pavilion At Crowne Plaza Hotel – Best View Of Causeway Bay

In a packed city like Hong Kong, to find a high-rise bar with relatively unobstructed view is like finding needle in haystack. Especially in crowded place like Causeway Bay. The closest I ever come across was the patio at SML Restaurant at Times Square.

Recommended by my colleagues, I ventured to the Pavilion, located at the 25th floor of Crowne Plaza Hotel at Leighton Road. I was in for a pleasant, pleasant surprise.

Pavilion @ Crowne Plaza Hong Kong

An unobstructed view, as far as the eye can see… well, at least across that body of water. Even at the peak of summer, there was a light breeze blowing around the entire place, thanks to its open concept design maximising on natural sunlight and wind.

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The One With Home Feel Restaurant – Home-Styled Cooking At Its Best

Home Feel Restaurant, or more commonly known as “Juu Gaa Choy” (住家菜) gotta be my defacto restaurant to go to whenever I have out-of-town visitors. For one, it easily represents some of the best Chinese food in Hong Kong, in a Hong Kong styled restaurant (read: cramped, loud, but thankfully still clean), conveniently located at Causeway Bay.

I have been bringing my visitors to Home Feel for so many times that it didn’t occur to me I have never reviewed the food here. So one fine night I brought my better half along to sample some of my favourite dishes… well, as much as two person can devour in one night!

Daily Soup (Lei Tong) (HK$45)

Dinner at Home Feel Restaurant (住家菜), Causeway Bay

It is quite customary to begin a Chinese meal with soup. Daily soup at Home Feel varies from day to day, but to my experience is consistently of good quality. The soup is always refreshing, taste fresh and feels nourishing, as there was no MSG used, unlike many other Chinese restaurant. On the night visited, it was a mix of pork rib, white fungus and white carrot. Heavenly… a large pot can easily serve four, but my better half and I finished the entire pot, spoonful by spoonful throughout dinner.

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The One With Sesame Rice Cake At Hunan Garden, Times Square

Okay, I am stumped. Serve me right for not taking photos of the menu, or making notes of what I am eating. Sometimes the food is just so good and unique that I had to blog about it.

Anyone knows what this dish is?

Hunan Garden @ Times Square

It is like some rice cake, only that it is deep fried and generously covered with sesame seeds, with pockets for you to stuff food in. Crunchy to the bite, delicious down to the last seed.

I’ll just call it sesame rice cake, shall I? LOL.

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The One With SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

Happy New Year! It’s another new beginning for all us, so let me get my food blogging mojo going with a post on my first dinner in 2011, which was at SML Restaurant at Causeway Bay.

SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

I had a group of visiting Singaporeans in town and initially we wanted to head down to Lamma for some seafood. But some pesky factors like hangover, too much parties, food poisoning and shopping got into the way, so I took an executive decision and we had an ultra-early dinner (for Hong Kong standard) at SML instead.

And what a great first dinner! First off, here are some of the must-trys:

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The One With Chung Kee Dessert (松記糖水) At Causeway Bay

Dessert shops are a dime a dozen in Hong Kong. Even though I have been living here for more than a year, I never ventured to more than a handful all this time, because:
1) I am counting my calories; and
2) My favourite, Honeymoon Dessert is 5 mins from my place

Maybe it was the delicious dinner, or perhaps a pint too many beer after the birthday dinner, we decided on a whim to have some dessert before calling it a night. And we chanced upon a dessert shop which I passed by every morning on the way to work but never went in.

Chung Kee Dessert (松記糖水), Causeway Bay

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The One With The Sushi One @ Causeway Bay

The adventure began in the cab ride while we were on our way to South Bay for the afternoon.

“I am craving for steamboat”, I quipped.

“Oh no, Raz… not steamboat. Not in summer. Maybe sushi?”

“Okay,” I pouted. “Sushi will do fine. But I know nothing about sushi in Hong Kong unless it’s prepacked at Park ‘n Shop”.

“There is this place at Causeway Bay, which is pretty good. I think it is called… Sushi First? First Sushi?”

I snorted. “A culinary offshoot of Fitness First?”

We quibbled more, and I fired up the mobile version of Open Rice to discover the place she was referring to was actually Sushi One, located at Leighton Road nearby my office.

Making reservation was a breeze, as long as it is before 8 p.m. Knowing how fashionably late we all can be, I made the reservation for a table of six on the dot.

Dinner at Sushi One, Causeway Bay

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