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Load of the Rings

Dedicated to all LOTR fans out there. This is one of the funniest shit spoofs I have ever seen on the trilogy.

I can’t really understand the Hokkien though (or whatever dialect that is). Click play to start, or right click here to download the clip

Updated: Wow, didn’t realise that this video is gonna be so popular. To avoid running out of bandwidth (better not risk it), I hosted the clip on my other less active site.

Guess the Cup Size

Guess the Cup Size

Click here for the answer!

Wow! I have never imagined THAT!

No Food In The House!

I grasped my ample tummy and feel panic enveloping my cholestrol-laden heart. OMG, I am going to starve tonight!

Wait! Wait! Don’t panic. There must be a way out of this. Relax and think.

(Strike zen-pose) *Hummmmmmmmmmm*

Oh yes! I remember now! My two box of cereals!

I’m saved!

Coco Crunch & Honey Star! As I hold the boxes in my hand, I feel such blessing. God knows I am hungry. But then… shit! I don’t have milk! The one I bought must have solidified into semi-solid tofu over the week! So I ran up to my fridge (tripping over some fucking thing on the floor) and take out my carton of milk, careful not to hold it too near my nose…

…. and the expiry date is 2nd May! God Bless Hilo Milk! I was feeling so jubilant that it will be almost indecent to see that grin on my face as I rip open…

… the box of Coco Crunch….

… and the box of Honey Star…

… and in went the milk! Splash! I feel such glee seeing the brown and yellow thingies floating in pure white milk. I pour the whole damn thing into the bowl.

TADAA! My supper! I am saved! *dance around*

P.S: As I download the photos from my camera I realize there is another photo I took yesterday. Also of food.

One curry fish head. One yam ring. Two hungry men. (Few minutes later) Two full men. (Few days later) Only one fatter man. F*ck

P.S.S: Then I remembered my lunch today – nasi lemak, barley ice, followed by a salmon sandwich with potato chips and coffee, followed by Irish Whiskey Bailey ice cream. My God

P.S.S.S: I finished my bowl of cereals by the time I finish typing the second sentence above. I think I need help


Let Me Sleep!

OMG! So cute!!!

Moo-Moo Incident

Mutated cows had been sighted around Singapore recently.

The cows, believed to be unleashed by the equally multi-colored cab company, Comfort Delgro, were seen “mating” at open grass areas around the republic.

Fellow bloggers captured the indecent on camera.

The Day My Mood Swung

Have you ever wonder why someone who experience moodiness and general unhappiness is often labeled having “mood swing”, when obviously he is not having any “swing of mood”. If your mood swings from one (happy) end to another (moody) end, like a pendulum, then you are having a “mood swing”

Today is one of those day for me – I was mood swung (is there such a word).

The day started normally enough, until I turned my attention to the crisis at end for the wine appreciation session I am organizing for a bunch of marine engineers.

It was all about the venue. I had an agreement with the NTU Alumni Club to use their Da Vinci Lounge for the occassion. I had the entire pub to myself (glam hor), for a sum that is really reasonable. I was over the moon when I got to know the list of guests include some of the shakers and movers of the industry.

Until the Miss MRO (that’s members relation officer) told me the arrangement has to be modified, because “the management of the pub has changed hand” over the weekend.

I was like, “WTF?

So I found myself sitting at the deserted lounge today facing Miss MRO and the new owner of the pub. If there is one term to describe this new boss, it can only be chee ko pek.

Me: So you want to raise the cost of rental?

CKP: Yeah, from 9 p.m. onwards it is “golden time” for us

Me: (what a description) Uh, ok. I understand. Since the arrangement was with the previous operator, I know I have to adjust my expectations…

CKP: (cuts in) Unless, of course, you want to share the pub with the public. I will have some “la mei” show, it will be gre..

Me: (cuts in faster) .. uh, sorry, what mei?

CKP: “LA MEI“. You know, podium dancers?

Me: (You mean pole dancers, you CPK?!) Uh, ok. I don’t think that will be appropriate…

More negotiations ensued…

Me: Okay, so I’ll have the whole pub to myself until 9 p.m. After that, you can open the pub to the public. My guests would be leaving by then

CKP: (Eyes twinkling) Or, I can bring in the “la mei” in at 8.45, and your guests might not want to leave after all!

Me: (Speechless) Uh, I think that would not be appropriate… one more thing, can I have some waiters to pour wine?

CKP: (After a pause) S$8 an hour

Me: I’m sorry?

CKP: My waitresses are special, ok. They are models. For a 30 minutes show I pay them S$100

Me: You mean your waitresses are the pole dancers?

CKP: (Grinning) Of course! Special uniform.

Me: (Speechless)

What the fuck is NTUA thinking having such a sleazy operator running the freaking pub? What happened to the World-Class University vision when you have skimpily clad woman gyrating their sagging hips to entice alumnus who, being educated themselves, might be revolted by the whole fiasco?

So I headed back to office in considerable foul mood. End of work time came, and I have no heart to go for my class at MDIS. So I did what a good metrosexual will do – I cut my hair, ate a hearty dinner and shopped for clothes.

Decided to go for patterned short sleeve shirts! Honestly, everybody in my office can tell you I had NEVER roll down my sleeves unless I have to wear a tie (and, except for the first week of work), and that I always wore mono-coloured shirt.

A dull me no more – on to a more colourful wardrobe!

A dull me no more - on to a more colourful wardrobe!

My mood was considerably lighter. Until I saw the MDIS result slips sitting on my living room table.

FINALLY they are here! I was lamenting how slow the results were released just sometime last week.

I took a deep breath, changed into my skimpy shorts (for sleeping one!), sit in front of my PC, and ripped both of the slip open. It was one slip per module, and I was reading my results excruciatingly slow…. and…

Public Relations - A!

Advertising - A!

I was elated, of course! After all the stupid mishaps at work with the stupid CKP with his “la mei” dancers, this is definitely something to cheer me up! And happy I was!

Of course, considering I didn’t attend 80% of the class, and that I did the 2-months projects for both modules only one day before the deadline (and copying loads from the Internet, by the way), I still got my distinctions.

Okay, gotta give myself some credits. The project I did for my PR module was at least half-decent: I did something on Taufik, and it was through this campaign that the term “Taufik-ed was widely used among Fiknatics (that’s Taufik’s fan club). And the research and stats in the report are real – I have all the data at my fingertips anyway. So… it was little suprise when my lecturer wanted to send my report to Oklahama City University, for “benchmarking purposes”.

I hate myself for being not-so-modest, but hey, it had been a bad day. Gimme a break! =)

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Who says Singaporeans cant make a joke?

Downright cheeky, that is. Despite my oncoming fever, this blog got me laughing so bloody hard.


Suzanne: Ok thanks Paul. And that’s Paul Dekkers with the market report. I think we are coming close to the end of today’s edition of “ Wake Up Your Fucking Ideas Singaporeâ€?.
Richard: Oh my, how times fly. Anything to add Suzanne?
Suzanne: Nothing much. Just something that has been bugging me since I co-host this show with you.
Richard: And what will that be?
Suzanne: Why do you keep sitting with your legs so wide apart? They are almost 180 degrees spaced out.
Richard: What can I say. I’m very well endowed right down there.
Suzanne: Aiyoh, so naughty.

This blog going down my fav list!

Happy Valentines Day

Today is the last day for Thet to be in office before he goes for his extended leave. Being the nice manager I am (plus the fact that Thet is my good friend), I brought the whole department to eat 5-Star chicken rice down the road from our office.

Thet, the only Myanmar guy in the office

My whole department = a grand total of 3 person =)

Anyway, when it comes to eating, I realized guys nowadays don’t seem to say things guys used to say:

Me: Let’s see… shall we have half a chicken?
T: (Doubtful) Urm… sure can finish or not? Maybe too much
Z: (Pull a face) Urgh. Anything lo…
Me: (Flipping menu) Okay… let’s have this homemade tofu, and this vege dish
T: (Pull another face)
Z: I go make a call
T: Sure can finish or not?
Me: Tsk. Not as if you all are small eaters.

You know, not too long ago before metrosexualism and slimming became all the fads, guys would be saying things like this.

Me: Let’s see… shall we have half a chicken?
T: (Doubtful) Urm… sure enough or not? Maybe too little
Z: (Pull a face) Urgh. I think better order one whole chicken
Me: (Flipping menu) Okay… let’s have this homemade tofu, and this vege dish
T: (Pull another face) I also want sambal kangkung and that chicken intestines
Z: I go make a call. Order extra rice for me, hor
T: Sure enough or not?
Me: Tsk. Ok lah all order extra large rice.

Anyway! So I ended up ordering quite a number of dishes. All small portions, just to make sure these guys won’t say their manager is torturing them to become dumplings like he is

Before lunch...
Sumptuous spread

Not bad eh. And less than half an hour later…

Polished plates and bowls

Like I said, guys will be guys. Tsk.

After such an early lunch, we went back to office for one last team meeting before Thet goes off. I always kept my meetings below 30 minutes. And usually peppered with laughter and general nonsense (and some stuff I knew would have been better kept to myself. Oops)

The meeting
The pre-meeting jokes

Happy Friendship Day, everyone!