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The One With Pavilion At Crowne Plaza Hotel – Best View Of Causeway Bay

In a packed city like Hong Kong, to find a high-rise bar with relatively unobstructed view is like finding needle in haystack. Especially in crowded place like Causeway Bay. The closest I ever come across was the patio at SML Restaurant at Times Square.

Recommended by my colleagues, I ventured to the Pavilion, located at the 25th floor of Crowne Plaza Hotel at Leighton Road. I was in for a pleasant, pleasant surprise.

Pavilion @ Crowne Plaza Hong Kong

An unobstructed view, as far as the eye can see… well, at least across that body of water. Even at the peak of summer, there was a light breeze blowing around the entire place, thanks to its open concept design maximising on natural sunlight and wind.

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The One With Eric’s Kitchen – Grubs For The Surfer Dudes

What’s a beach without a great pub? There is just something about the air by the seaside which makes even the most disciplined person threw his diet to the wind (literally) and indulge in some pub grubs. When I went to Big Wave Bay recently for a birthday get together, I was determined to find some good western food by the sea. A search on Open Rice was not promising, so we went ahead to try our luck.

And lucky we were.

Eric’s Kitchen is the new reincarnation of the previous Blue Room (or something like that) occupying the same space, facing the entire beachfront. Terrifying waves, exhilarating wind… everything a surfer dude would love.

Eric's Kitchen

With a view like this, what is there not to like?

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The One With Sugar At EAST

I had always wanted to visit this place. I was told that Sugar is to the media folks what Sevva is to the bankers. So one night when my friend and I were at loose ends, we took the road less traveled (that is, in the other direction of MTR line on HK Island) and found ourselves at Sugar.

Sugar @ East

Sugar lived up to its hype, and then some. The deck was beautifully built, overlooking the Victoria Harbour with an uninterrupted view right into Kowloon Bay. That beats Sevva’s anytime. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the humidity, there are some lounge indoor seats, but I seriously recommend the outdoor deck for a view to remember.

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The One With Bali The Penthouse At Jordan

It was a gorgeous night.

When I checked-in via Foursquare to this place and shared it on Facebook, my friends misunderstood as to where I was at. I couldn’t blame them as the combination of names can be very confusing to those not familiar with Hong Kong.

Bali The Penthouse, Jordan

Bali The Penthouse is located at the rooftop of Nathan Hotel, right smack in the middle of Jordan. Jordan is but a bustling district in Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong, and not in the Middle East. Hence the confusion.

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The One With My First Visit To SEVVA at Central

It is of urban folklore that the best place to see and be seen amongst the elites of Hong Kong (you know, the bankers, models and socialists) is at this uber hip place called SEVVA, located at the 25th floor of Prince’s Building at Central.

As I am not a suit, you could understand my hesitation in visiting the place. I was afraid one drink at that place will stretch my already-burdened credit card to the limit.

And then one day, I got a brand new credit card. What’s a better way to officiate it than a drink (or three) at one of the hippest place in town?

Taste Bar Lounge

My initial fear was proven to be unfounded. It didn’t mattered that I was in shirt and jeans the night I dropped by. The maître hardly raised an eyebrow as he showed us to The Terrace, which overlooked the entire Hong Kong Island harbour and the Central financial district.

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The One With The China Bear – British Fare At Idyllic Mui Wo

China Bear at Mui Wo

When I mentioned that I wanted to visit Mui Wo, I was told (repeatedly) to pay a visit to China Bear, which has the best waterfront view and fish & chips in town. So I did one fine sunny Saturday, celebrating the best of summer in Hong Kong and to get away from the hustle and bustle of HK Island where I stay.

So we ordered a couple of stuff to try:

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