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The long, long journey of being the one and only me

The One With Life Is Short


Life is short.

Oh, how we laughed at the cliché-ness of that phrase. The laughter continues until death comes close by.

The next time you dithered over who to invite for dinner… fretted over if your friends are talking behind your back… put off calling your family for yet another week…

… realise that tomorrow, there might not be another chance. So while you still have control over your life destiny, hold on tight. Be kinder to others, be more lenient towards self, be happier.

When everything has come to past, only good memories remain. So… do more good, so that when the time comes, you leave behind a longer, better story.

Life goes on, yes, but life is also short. Live it the way you meant it to be.

The One With The Grieving For The Unpassed

The rumours are true

How do you grieve for someone who is still alive, yet dead?
For all his flesh and blood, he is just like you and me.
But for all his thoughts and love, he no longer has any to offer.

How do you decide that this is the end, for a life not your own?
For all the doctors and nurses, there is still a glimmer of hope.
But for all the tubes and drips, there is nothing but pain and sufferings.

How do you comfort those who grieve with you?
For all the miles and hours, all hope seems lost.
But for all our flesh and blood, hope bounds us for now and forever.

The One With The End Of 2010

To round off the year, I wanted to find my all time favorite shot taken in 2010 as an accompaniment photo. As I racked my brain for all that had happened for the past twelve months, my mind kept drawing back to one particular photo; taken at the Staten Island of New York, where the iconic Statue of Liberty is.

As I pondered over my subconscious choice, it dawned upon me why this particular photo meant so much.

The Statue of Liberty, New York

For this photo marked a very important milestone not only for the year, but in my life. This was when I made a maiden trip to New York during the spring month of April, fulfilling one of my oldest dream ever since I watched the first episode of Friends.

Yes, I was that impressionable.

It was also then when I visited my beloved mom, ten years after we parted ways to chart our own future. Right after this trip my relationship with my mom strengthened ten-folds, and I crossed yet another milestone in my life.

Because of that fateful moment, my life will (thankfully) never be the same again.

It also reminds me how important travel was, and will continue to be, an important part of my life. Some view traveling abroad a mere hobby, to be undertaken when one find life too dull and have that odd cash to spare.

For me, travels define who I am. As I saw more unfamiliar sights and explored more unknown territories, my mind, expanded and my horizons, deepen. Without these trips made over the years, I will not be who I am.

This will be a passion I will burn throughout my life.

It was also here I was miles from my friends and loved ones. As hours and days passed by, I realised which friendship and relationship meant more to me. It made me choose with whom I want to build my life with. It allowed me to… grow, as a person to myself, and as a friend to people around me.

Needless to say, New York 2010 was a major turning point in my life.

As I look forward to 2011 with much hope and determination, I can look back into the past twelve months and honestly say…

… I have no regrets.

The One With Ten Christmas Things

And so the Christmas weekend came to an end. The festive season was especially festive this year in Hong Kong as temperature dipped repeatedly below the ten degrees mark.

You know, like being all Christmas-y.

And so yours truly, like many others around me, celebrated the joy that was Santa and his reindeers and would like to count his ten blessings.

#1 – Visited SEVVA

Hong Kong's sun set viewed at SEVVA's Terrace_mid

Great view, delicious cocktails and never-ending supply of snacks made it an exceptional evening, worthy of its own blog post. It was here where, in the course of catching up with an old friend, I realised what I stand for and what I want in the future. I’m sure the elevation (SEVVA was on the 25th floor) and copious amount of cocktails helped.

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The One With Frost In Hong Kong

Frost in Hong Kong

(Photo by Hong Kong Digital PhotoVision)

Could snow be heading to Hong Kong anytime soon?

The Hong Kong Observatory has been issuing warnings for the last couple of days of severe cold weather occurring all over the country. Even at the rural area like HK Island where yours truly dwell at, the temperature dipped to 7 degrees last night.

The coldest weather I have experience in Hong Kong was 10 degrees during the eve of Chinese New Year this year.

Needless to say, I am beyond delighted. The last time it snowed in Hong Kong (yes, it happened, and that was unbelievable) was back in 1975.

Could I be this lucky? I can’t wait!

The One With Ten Things To Do Before The End Of 2010

.December 2010 calendar journal

It’s time of the year again. When HR departments the world over sent out circulars informing staff that, come Christmas Eve, everyone is allowed to go home earlier than usual.

Hooray to non-urgent operational needs and non-existent (year-end) workload!

It is also time of the year for me to think how I would like to end 2010. No, not with a bang – literal or otherwise – but with much thoughts and care consistent with one getting on with age.

With only two weeks to go before we allow to go crazy around town screaming “Happy New Year!” into the faces of unsuspecting strangers, here’s how I will be spending the next fifteen days or so.

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The One With The Lamma Island Hiking Trail

To say that hiking is the third religion in Hong Kong – after eating and shopping – would be kind of an understatement. When I was tasked to plan for a hiking trip to Lamma Island, my research unearthed a mind-blogging amount of resources dedicated to this activity; a testament on how much the locals love a good trek up and down the hills (mountains?) of Hong Kong.

Here’s a summary of my findings:
1) The hiking trail in Lamma was said to be one to four hours long, depending on your circumstances. Losing sleep worrying whether you planned too-tight an itinerary for a day trip like this, in all honesty, would be utterly pointless
2) Doing a hike in autumn is always infinitely better than risking it under the wrath of summer. I have yet to come across a blog post about a pleasant summer hiking experience in Lamma thus far
3) Just because you live a five minute cab ride away from the terminal would mean you can leave the house 10 minutes before the ferry depart

The Ferry Ride

Hiking Excursion to Lamma Island

I embarked on the trip one Saturday afternoon with my Hong Kong buddies – Fanny, Maureen, Mandy, Billy and Faifai. It was first of the some of our outdoor group outings and hopefully it heralded more such events in the future.

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The One With SoHo Street Fair & Wine Walk 2010

Did you know that SoHo in Hong Kong actually stands for South of Hollywood Road?

I didn’t know either, until I was doing some background research on SoHo Street Fair & Wine Walk 2010, on which I had the fortune to stumble across while wondering around my ‘hood last Sunday. You can always count on me to bump into unexpected events and unfamiliar circumstances when left to my own devices.

Mostly good, of course. The bad ones were often unbloggable ;)

Soho Street Fair & Wine Walk 2010

It was a bustling Sunday afternoon. I was actually out to buy a book and perhaps grab some lunch when the festive props caught my attention. The weekend crowd, the wine booths, the handicraft stalls, the performing jugglers, the serenading trio… I need little encouragement to dive headlong into the festivity.

I’ll let the photos do the talking.

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The One With First Impressions Of Hong Kong

It has been more than two weeks since the Novotel Bloggers Hong Kong 2010 event… and it certainly felt much longer than that. Had it only been two weeks? It felt like it had been months since that night when I met up with so many different bloggers all in one night.

Being a somewhat newcomer to Hong Kong (I moved here for slightly more than a year), I was curious to know the kind of impression these bloggers had on my new home. It is easy, even for someone like me, to feel a teensiest bored with Hong Kong, if you fell victim to mindless routine and endless rat race in the day-to-day life in this city.

So I snooped around a little to discover just what Hong Kong meant to these folks.

After a few years’ break since she last visited the city, Minh Giang was fascinated how the Hong Kong she remembered transformed right in front of her eyes:

It’s been almost six years since my last visit to Hong Kong and almost inevitably I’m told this every time someone asks if I’ve been to Hong Kong before. I’m a little stunned as I take in the skyline on the ride into the city, it’s one thing to remember the densely packed skyscrapers but another thing altogether to see towers lit up at night.

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The One With The Sunday Day Trip To Shatin & Tai Po

There are only so many weekends a man could spend bar-hopping and club-dancing before he feels totally washed out and in need of a break in routine. It all sounded glamorous when one’s weekends are filled with dancing, drinking and merrymaking but, trust me, it gets stale. Sometime.

So in a bid of Doing Something Different, yours truly ganged up with some lovely friends to go up north towards the New Territories of Hong Kong, making a healthy day trip one fine Sunday.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Shatin Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Otherwise known as Man Fat Tsz, this is not an actually monastery as there are no residence monks. Located in Shatin, the monastery is some 400 odd steps up a hill at Pai Tau Village. The name, as you may guessed, come from the thousands of life-sized and small Buddhas at this place.

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